Protection Cascade XRS
Protection Cascade XRS
Cascade XRS Black Matte


The XRS combines all of Cascade’s best protection-first technology, innovative design features, attention to detail, comfort and style so you can leave it all on the field with confidence. Cascade’s safest, most comfortable and best performing helmet.

from 299,95 €

Protection Cascade XRS
Protection Cascade XRS
Cascade XRS Black Matte




STX Rival

The STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet is an exceptional helmet. It features the Sure-Fit™ air system, with which you can pump air into the helmet liner. Thanks to the integrated pump and the drain valve, you can adjust the fit at any time. The integrated ventilation allows the air to flow through the entire helmet shell, allowing you to keep a cool head. Apart from that, the inner lining is comfortable and prevents pressure points.

249,95 €

"My helmet to go with, is the Warrior BURN"


Pro lacrosse player at ARCHERS LC




Custom Helme Cascade CPV-R

Your design -
as you wish!

The Cascade helmet of your dreams is just a few clicks away! From the basic colour of the helmet, to the mask and the chin strap – every part of your new Cascade helmet can be selected according to your wishes We make it happen!




Lacrosse Helmets
at Captain-Lax

Men’s lacrosse is one of the more aggressive versions of the game and is therefore subject to stricter rules, also in terms of protective equipment, than women’s lacrosse. That means that in addition to Shoulder Pads and Lacrosse Gloves, a Lacrosse Helmet must be worn too. Since serious injuries can occur in lacrosse due to the rigidity of the complete sticks and the impact of the ball, specialised lacrosse helmets have to withstand a lot and are therefore also subject to strict safety checks and tests. Accordingly, only helmets certified for the European market are sold in the Captain-Lax online shop, so what we offer is sure to meet the various safety requirements and offer perfect protection.

Lacrosse helmets are made of special hard plastic, which has very good resilience and can therefore protect from hits to the head by lacrosse sticks. All of the helmets have padding on the inside, consisting of individual, movable and exchangeable pads, enabling simple adjustments to the individual head shape, so that the desired result of a comfortable and firm fit of the lacrosse helmet on the head is achieved. In addition to the right fit, the helmet should also be attached as securely as possible, otherwise it could come off too easily with faster head movements or in challenges, leaving you dangerously unprotected.

Lacrosse helmets in the Captain-Lax online shop are mostly single-colour, but some are equipped with an easily exchangeable visor and chin, which are also available in the Captain-Lax online shop in a wide variety of trendy colours. The lacrosse helmet can thus be given a stylish new look in no time at all, without any problem. Your own favourite colour is certainly included in the range, and will soon be making your lacrosse helmet stand out. Differently-coloured chin straps are also available, offering a flash of colour, together with the secure protection you need. A helmet in men’s lacrosse is an important protective article and, like helmets in motor sports or cycling, offers specialised protection against various injuries to the head area, which must be a good thing! A helmet should therefore always be worn during training as well as in a game, but all responsible lacrosse players know that, of course! Once you have your Lacrosse Helmet, nothing can stand in the way of the next lacrosse game – the individually combinable colours of the shell, chin and visor can also express your own personality.