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Equipped with a ventilation system

The SISU Next Gen 2.4 MAX mouthguard + mouthguard box is ideal for use when playing lacrosse due to the high level of protection and ideal wearing comfort it offers. It offers 50% more protection than ordinary mouthguard products. It fits ideally to your teeth, providing excellent and individual protection.

The SISU mouthguard box is light and durable and protects your SISU mouthguard.


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Flexible outer shell

The Shock Doctor Ultra Braces Mouthguard offers ultra protection for athletes with braces. Triple layer protection gives a combination of adjustability and durability in one package. The Insta-Fit Plus™ system allows athletes to mould and remould the mouthguard as teeth continue to adjust during orthodontic treatment.

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SISU Mouthguards give guaranteed protection for your teeth when you’re playing sport. To ensure not just security, but also a good taste in your mouth, you can give your mouthguard a fresh flavour with the SISU Mouthguard refresher spray bringing a fresh taste to your mouthguard – the taste of victory! The Refresher solution comes in a practical spray dispenser and is always ready to go! Spray the refresher solution directly onto your mouthguard just before you use it.

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Lacrosse tooth and mouth protection - Mouthguards
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It can get quite physical in lacrosse – especially when it comes to aggressive challenges, where the Shaftcomes out to play. But it’s not just one-on-one – normal run of play incidents can also be a problem – the ball can unexpectedly hit you in the face, and usually much harder than you would prefer That’s why it’s so important to try to protect everything when you play in Men’s Lacrosse For that reason, it’s also vital not to forget a Lacrosse Helmet as protection. As well as that, tooth and mouth protectors can be of vital importance in avoiding dental damage

Whether you play men’s or women’s Lacrosse, the Mouthguard should be a vital part of your equipment! Different variations and colours of mouthguard can be found in the Captain-Lax Lacrosse shop.

Mouthguard technology

The underlying technology is highly innovative and is the most important part of the special protective effect. The special blade profile is made of a material that shapes perfectly to fit the teeth the first time you wear it, so that slipping is virtually impossible. This ensures perfect and above all permanent protection. Some of the mouthguard models are fitted with an extra strap for men’s lacrosse use, to enable the mouthguard to be attached to the helmet, and not fall to the ground if comes out of your mouth.
It’s also important that the tooth and mouth protector doesn’t fall out in Women’s Lacrosse either. Hits and vibrations are absorbed by mouthguards and are then distributed around the guard, as well as being extensively cushioned.

Mouth and Tooth Protectors are CE certified

CE certification confirms the quality of the mouthguard, which offer optimal protection against dental injuries in lacrosse and other sports.

Other recommendations for Protection

As well as Lacrosse Tooth and Mouth protection, we also have a wide range of other protective equipment in our shop, all of it specially designed for use in lacrosse. These include, for example, different lacrosse gloves for Field and Box Lacrosse, as well as goalies and women lacrosse players too. Lacrosse Protective equipment can be found in this category: Lacrosse Protection.