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Shock Doctor Ultra Single Braces Mouthguard Lacrosse

Art. Nr.: oSD-8347
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The Shock Doctor Ultra Single Braces Mouthguard Lacrosse provides aspecial shape as well as consistence, which cover the upper row ofteeth and therefore this mouthgurad can still be used as the teethadjust through the orthodontic treatment. Thanks to the breathingchannels it is easier to breathe and this mouthguard meets allregulations of sports, that require the use of a mouthguard, thatprotects the braces completely. The flexible outer shell protects theteeth as well as the braces. The inside shape adjusts to the upper andlower row of teeth and its GEL FIT insert improves the hold of themouthguard with the braces.

Advantages of the Shock Doctor Ultra Single Braces Mouthguard Lacrosse:

  • special shape and consistence, cover upper row of teeth
  • can still be used as teeth adjust through orthodontic treatment
  • breathing channels make breathing easier
  • mouthguard meets all regulations of sports that require use ofmoughguard that protects braces completely
  • flexible outer shell protects teeth as well as braces
  • inside shape adjusts to upper and lower row of teeth
  • GEL FIT insert improves hold of mouthguard with braces

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm
LAX Colour

Black, Red





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