The STX Lacrosse Goal Target with Junior Hole Design is made from extremely durable polypropylene and has reinforced edges. The Target includes easy-to-attach bungee fasteners to secure it to the frame of the goal.

The specially-developed hole design will help younger players work on and improve their shooting accuracy.

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Assemble quickly and easily

The Captain-Lax Standard Lacrosse Goal 6‘x 6‘x 7‘ is easily and quickly assembled and can also be transported in its “kit” form using the bag supplied


  • Quick and easy to put together
  • Supplied with a 3,00 mm Net
  • 1,75“ diameter tubular frame, with an orange-red powder-coated finish
  • 5 x Net-Fasteners included
  • Carrying bag ideal for transport in the car
  • Shipping package measurements: 137 cm x 34 cm x 13.5 cm

139,95 €

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Lacrosse goals that are designed for the job help you play the game We offer quality goals in different sizes in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop You can rely on that durabilty and be happy in the knowledge that you will be able to keep enjoying your sport for a long time to come Lacrosse Goals should be fitted with specially-made goal nets. These nets are delivered as part of a Goal set, but can also be bought from us as a separate item .

Different sizes of Goals

There are different sizes of goal depending on the sort of lacrosse you want to play. For example, an indoor Box lacrosse goal is not the same as an outdoor or field lacrosse goal. Please pay attention to the product description when ordering, to be sure you buy the right goal for your needs. Whether you choose from our own brand: Captain-Lax, or one of the other longer-established Lacrosse brands, you will always be buying yourself a high-quality product.
Other items that can be used with goals, or to attach nets to goals can also be found in our Lacrosse Goals and Nets product category. For example, our Net Fasteners. Specially designed goal targets are availalble to help you train more sucessfully – presenting openings at the corners and to the sides, mimicking the areas of the goal that goalies find it most difficult to defend. Such a target is therefore ideal for every lacrosse workout – and will help you improve the accuracy of your shots. There are other Trainings Aids on offer in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop too.
The Lacrosse Goals in our range are all easy to build and take apart, but they are also very stable, regardless of the price! So, lacrosse goals can be put in place in no time at all, in just a few simple steps and your training session or game can begin.

Goalie Protection und equipment

Our Lacrosse Online-Shop offers not just goals and nets, but also all of the special equipment that a lacrosse goalie might need. Even more extensive protective equipment is needed to help goalies avoid what could otherwise be quite unpleasant injuries You can find all sorts of Lacrosse Goalie Protectiove equipment and Goalie Gloves here too. And don’t forget to get yourself a special goalie shaft too. These come at a special length of 40″ or a little over 1m – designed just for male goalies, Select from the range of goalie heads in the appropriate category, and complete your perfect mix of goalie gear.