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    A very comfortable Butt End. Allows you better handling and extra easy groundball pick ups. Comes in different colours.

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    The very sturdy b+d Coordination Ring Lacrosse Training are perfect for your sports training. The hoops are made of plastic and according to the manufacturer, they are indestructible – perfect for teams and teams to train. They have a flat shape and measure 60 cm in diameter. The coordination rings…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Lax Wall Tool Kit contains 5 hooks and 1 spring hook tool. The tool kit comes with instructions in english with pictures and descriptions to help you set it up. With the kit, you can replace your hooks and get back to providing a secure and firm…

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    The Müller Sports M-Tape Team Colours is made of 100% cotton is bleached with different colours. In combination with humidity the M-Tape will not bleed wherefore it is optimal suitable for sportive activities. The M-Tape has a width of 3,8cm and is wrapped on a reel about 13,7m.

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    The STX Coach Whiteboard Women’s is for coaching in women’s lacrosse. On ine side the entire playing field can be written on, on the back half the playing field. The board comes with an eraser that can be used dry. Advantages of the STX Xoach Whiteboard for women: for women…

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    The b+d Fox 40 Epik CMG Sports Whistle Black is equipped with a black Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG®). It is audible up to a distance of 1, 6 km/one mile. Due to the grip ribs and the ergonomic shape, the whistle does not slip out of the hand. These features…

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    The Womens End Cap Deluxe 7/8′ Lacrosse assorted 36pcs pack consists of 36 STX lacrosse end caps. Advantages of the Womens End Cap Deluxe 7/8′ Lacrosse assorted 36pcs pack: 36 STX lacrosse end caps

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    The M-Wrap Multi Purpose Tape is very soft and can be used for multiple purposes like keeping your hair out of your eyes so you can keep the focus completely on your game. This tape is available in many different colors and its measurements are 6,9 cm x 19,5 m.…