Very good sight-lines

The STX 4Sight+ S Lacrosse Goggles has silicone padding and offers superior visibility. Meets ASTM F3077-177 requirements for Women’s Lacrosse, so there’s no issue with using these on the playing field

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Brine Dynasty  Lacrosse Gloves stand out because of their optimal fit and the freedom of movement they offer The cropped backhand, permits the player unrestricted movement.

An angled Velcro closure system and a new Gel Print Tab, mean that the gloves always fit snugly and well. The fit is important, but the protection is too – double density foam protects the most important areas, in particular, the knuckles and the back of the hand.






Protection for Women's Lacrosse
at Captain-Lax

In contrast to lacrosse for men, women’s lacrosse gets by without a range of complicated protective equipment Heavy body contact and physical challenges are not allowed under Women’s rules which is why much less equipment is needed.. In order to protect yourself from any unpleasant injuries or bruises, it is still advisable to wear certain protective items. For women’s lacrosse there are special protective items that are adapted to the needs of the game.

These include for example, special ladies lacrosse gloves , which are made from a much thinner material than men’s gloves, allowing for freedom of movement and finger flexibilty so that use of the hands is not restricted in any way. The thinner material helps enhance grip, and improves the handling of the Complete Stick, or in this case the Lacrosse Shaft a lot. Whilst many Lacrosse Shafts are already produced with special grip coatings, an extra portion of grip from the gloves can’t hurt, and can have a positive effect on stick feel in general. Most Women’s Lacrosse gloves are made from breathable materials that ensure that the hands are well-ventilated, to help prevent the build-up of sweat.

Apart from Women’s Lacrosse Gloves, the Captain-Lax Online Shop also offers special protective eyewear, also known as Goggles. Men lacrosse players need special lacrosse helmets to protect the sensitive head and eye areas, but such helmets are not required for women and are therefore not mandatory, so women lacrosse players tend to use special lacrosse eye protection instead. These items protect those sensitive areas from dangerous injuries and also help you avoid the unattractive purple bruising that can otherwise occur if you are hit by the ball