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STX Strike women’s lacrosse gloves can be worn all year round thanks to the climate control.system Foam is specifically placed In the area of ​​the knuckles, for an additional layer of protection.

The mouthguard attaches to the Guard LockTM Strap when you’re not on the field. A silicone grip along the palm reduces slipping and increases control.

In cold temperatures, a heat pad can be used in the back of the hand.

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Brine Dynasty Lacrosse Gloves stand out because of their optimal fit and the freedom of movement they offer The cropped backhand permits the player unrestricted movement.

An angled Velcro closure system and a new Gel Print Tab, mean that the gloves always fit snugly and well. The fit is important, but the protection is too – double density foam protects the most important areas, in particular, the knuckles and the back of the hand.

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Stick control

The Maverik Windy City Women Glove is not only lightweight, but also offers targeted protection, freedom of movement and comfort. The glove offers protection on the back of the hand as well as the index and middle fingers. The protection does not affect the flexibility.

The durable material on the palms guarantees more feeling and control. This improves stick control. The silicone on the index and middle finger helps improve grip.

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Women's Lacrosse Gloves at Captain-Lax

In the Women’s Lacrosse sections we have additional specialised protective equipment, designed to deliver where it’s needed. These include, special lacrosse gloves for women, which are made of significantly thinner material to not restrict finger and hand movement in any way. The thinner material helps enhance grip, and improves the handling of the Lacrosse Stick Whilst many Lacrosse-Shafts are already produced with special grip coatings, an extra portion of grip from the gloves can’t hurt, and can have a positive effect on stick feel in general. . Most women’s Lacrosse gloves are made from breathable materials that ensure that the hands are well-ventilated, to help prevent the build-up of sweat. Apart from Women’s Lacrosse Gloves, the Captain-Lax Online Shop also offers special protective eyewear, also known as Goggles. Men lacrosse players need special lacrosse helmets to protect the sensitive head and eye areas, but such helmets are not required for women and are therefore not mandatory, so women lacrosse players tend to use special lacrosse eye protection instead These items protect those sensitive areas from dangerous injuries and also help you avoid the unattractive purple bruising that can otherwise occur if you are hit by the ball