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Large main compartment

The Challenger Wheelie Bag in Black is fitted with heavy-duty wheels and comes with an integrated pull handle. The large main compartment is designed to take all of your gear. There’s a small extra accessories pocket too.

  • Heavy-duty wheels and a pull handle
  • Large main compartment designed to take all of your gear
  • Small accessories pocket
  • Size: 43“ L x 18“ H x 17“ D

164,95 €


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Perfect for your shopping trip

The Captain-Lax Shopper nature short is the perfect companion for shopping for a quick trip to the playing field.

With various lacrosse themed designs, they are also ideal as gifts for players, friends and family.

Bag size 30cm by 50cm.

12,95 €

Bags Captain-Lax
Bags Captain-Lax





Lacrosse Bags to carry Lacrosse equiment in the Captain-Lax Online-Shop

The increasingly popular sport of Lacrosse, requires a lot of different equipment, that conventional sports do not necessarily need. But how should you carry all of that equipment? A plastic carrier bag will hardly do for the Lacrosse Shoes, various Protection Accessories, your Lacrosse Complete Sticks, your shower things, fresh clothes and so on. Equally unsuitable would be a standard sports bag, which may provide ample storage space for football, basketball or swimming kit. For the wide range of Lacrosse Equipment, you will need something that’s much bigger and better organised. A special Lacrosse Bag. Of course, there are also different types of lacrosse bags, such as the lacrosse equipment bag or alternatively the lacrosse stickbag, designed specifically for carrying sticks,

Top Lacrosse-Bags from Top-Lacrosse-Brands

The Lacrosse Bags that we offer in our Captain-Lax Online-Shop have been designed by and produced for all of the various long-established lacrosse companies, for example Harrow, STX, Maverik, Warrior, Brine, Gait and deBeer, and have been made from high-quality materials. . Starting from the point of choosing the materials for lacrosse bag manufacture, great importance is placed in selecting superior quality. The manufacturing processes are highly-developed and perfectly arranged to deliver the best end product for the demands of Lacrosse.
Since you have to carry different types of lacrosse equipment and accessories with you for lacrosse, lacrosse bags are divided into different compartments. Because of that, many of the lacrosse bags we offered in the Captain-Lax online shop have been made with separate compartments for shoes, small compartments for various valuables and small items, such as keys, wallets, mobile phones, etc. and usually also a larger compartment for the various other items of lacrosse gear that you might need to take with you. To restrict the development of unpleasant smells, most lacrosse bags also have ventilation openings or mesh inserts, which allow optimum air circulation, so that fresh air reaches the lacrosse equipment.
To make carrying the Lacrosse Bag as easy as possible, there are usually sturdy handles at the sides of the bags as well as a comfortable and often padded shoulder strap. Some bags also have wheels so they can be rolled, and also pull-handles for the some purpose. You can select a Lacrosse Bag to suit your particular needs – some are also available in a choice of different colours. That way all tastes can be accommodated Once you have used a special lacrosse bag to carry your lacrosse equipment to training or to a game, you won’t want to go to lacrosse again without it. The old sports bag or plastic carrier bag will no longer be enough for a committed lacrosse player – from that moment on it can only be the new, innovative and high-quality lacrosse bag from the Captain-Lax online shop, offering unique performance and support that gets the job done!

Great design

In terms of appearance, the manufacturers of lacrosse bags have also done their homework – the spacious bags do not look clumsy at all, but modern and attractive. Vaiue-for-money is also excellent – the bags offer durability, and stability too, thanks to the use of high quality materials and very good workmanship. Apart from that, Lacrosse Bags are also extremely robust, and show no signs of wear and tear, even after prolonged use.
Whether you are looking for a Lacrosse Equipment Bag or a Stick Bag – check out the category of your choice. Whilst browsing the wide range in the Captain-Lax online shop, you will certainly come across one or the other Accessories that could be very useful for you and that you soon won’t be able to live without!