Dynasty II

The Brine Lacrosse Dynasty II Women’s Goggle is for everyone who is looking for excellent protection and comfort at the same time. The flat mask design ensures ultimate vision. In addition, the double strap can be used to refine positioning and the strap can be divided to help improve hold. What’s more, the Dynasty II Goggles have silicone padding for more comfort.

Women Goggles Brine


Women Goggles Pro Pick

"my goggle to go with, is the STX Focus Ti-S"

Michelle Tumolo

Pro Lacrosse player at FIRE LACROSSE, CA




Cascade Poly Arc Titanium

Cascade Lacrosse Poly Arc Titanium Womens Lacrosse Goggles feature the Poly frame, which is made of polycarbonate, which adapts perfectly to the shape of the face and offers both reduced weight and increased durability. Its antimicrobial and moisture-repellent foam creates ideal wearing comfort. The fit can be finely adjusted with the silicone strap so that the goggles shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

74,99 € 64,95 €

Women Goggles Cascade




Women's Lacrosse Goggles / protective eyewear
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Unlike their male counterparts, women’s lacrosse players don’t have to wear helmets to play. That being said, the risk of injury is also high in women’s lacrosse and that’s why it’s a good idea to wear protection for the eye area. Not a helmet in this case, but protective eyewear, otherwise known as Goggles. These don’t protect the whole head as in men’s lacrosse, but do cover the most sensitive part of the face: the eye area. Through the protection delivered by the eyewear, the eye area is protected from serious injury. Here at Captain-Lax you we have lots of different women’s protective eyewear and you will definitely find just what you’re looking for

Other protective equipment for Lacrosse

Apart from goggles, there are two other categories of Protection that are relevant for the Women’s game. Firstly there are Gloves and then there are the Mouthguards, that every player has to wear. 

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In keeping with our motto: “customer first”, not only is our selection of products second to none, but we also aim to deliver in terms of service – our customer service is always available for advice by e-mail or telephone, answering your questions and clearing up any mysteries with our expertise Answers to many questions can be found under FAQ in our Service section or in the various Lacrosse Product Guides . Our special lacrosse homepage also offers a lot of information about the different areas of lacrosse.