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High quality Mesh

An example of a highly developed, high performance Mesh is the StringKing Type 4f No String Kit. The Mesh is light and thin, weighing less than 20 Grammes. Type 4 delivers faster shots, more control, and better feel. Due to its construction, the Type 4F version of this Mesh is ideal for use in Faceoffs.

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Mesh StringKing 4f


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The Mesh fibres are infused with wax

The JimaWAX! Attack Mesh is super easy to work into the head, ensures a constant pocket and is also waterproof.

While other wax meshes were only coated with wax, the JimaWAX! Attack Mesh has the wax infused into the fibres. The result of this process is a mesh that is neither sticky nor fluffy. It offers the best possible performance no matter where and when. Through the JimaWAX! treatment, the colours of the meshes become a bit darker.

16,95 €

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Features a coaxial composite

The STX Memory Mesh 10D features a proprietary dual-fibre coaxial composite weave. The Coaxial Composite WeaveTM is a robust material that withstands repeated impacts and sidewall abrasion.

It is also UV resistant and moisture repellent. Its unique core has up to 15 times the tensile strength of steel, allowing Memory MeshTM to retain its shape better and longer than other Mesh on the market.
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Lacrosse Mesh
at Captain-Lax

In the wide range of products in the Captain-Lax online shop we offer various Lacrosse heads, whether for goalie, attack or defence players. Depending on your preference, these are available either as already strung versions or as unstrung heads. Unstrung heads are especially interesting for experienced lacrosse players – an unstrung head allows the player the choice to string the new head just the way they want, and create a head tuned to their needs If you choose to buy an unstrung Lacrosse Head, you will also need special Lacrosse Meshes and other stringing items. The Captain-Lax online shop offers all kinds of different meshes to help you customise your Lacrosse head. Lacrosse mesh accessories are available either as complete kits, which include all components needed to string a head, or just a single mesh to which you will needs to add strings and laces.
Lacrosse Meshes are divided into Goalie and Attack/Defense versions, as the two types of head are very different in shape and size. Depending on your skill level, the playing characteristics you need, or other preferences, you can choose from a variety of options including 12 or 6 diamond, (amongst others) as well as hard or soft mesh. Single lacrosse meshes are also available in the Captain-Lax online shop in a wide variety of trendy colours. Your own favourite colour must be there, and with it, your new head will stand out on the field because of its magnificently stylish stringing – even your opponents will be jealous!
The men’s and women’s lacrosse game and rules differ – because of that, lacrosse heads used for men’s and women’s lacrosse also differ in shape, as well as their stringing needs. There is a separate section in the Captain-Lax online shop for Lady-laxers offering special women’s stringing accessories. More great colour variations and stringing accessories are available here.