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The Women’s Type W No String Kit is a highly developed, high-performance mesh . This special pocket allows increased control for faster and more powerful shots. The Mesh has smaller holes at the bottom and larger holes at the top which help create a secure channel and deeper pocket. In addition, the preformed channel secures the ball for optimal accuracy. The mesh type is soft, and is also flexible and weatherproof. No matter what the weather brings – the player can rely on her kit. High-quality design and manufacture deliver long-lasting Mesh and Strings for a no-bag pocket. This kit brings accuracy and better control.

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Women Mesh StringKing Type W
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The Mesh fibres are infused with wax

The JimaWAX! Attack Mesh is super easy to work into the head, ensures a constant pocket and is also waterproof.

While other wax meshes are only coated with wax, the JimaWAX! Attack Mesh has the wax infused into the fibres. The result of this process is a mesh that is neither sticky nor fluffy. It offers the best possible performance no matter where and when. Through the JimaWAX! treatment, the colours of the meshes become a bit darker.

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Women Mesh Actionbild

Features a coaxial composite

The STX Memory Mesh 10D features a proprietary dual-fibre coaxial composite weave. The Coaxial Composite WeaveTM is a tough material that withstands repeated impacts and sidewall abrasion.

It is also UV resistant and moisture repellent. Its unique core has up to 15 times the tensile strength of steel, allowing Memory MeshTM to retain its shape better and longer than other Meshes on the market.
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Women's Mesh Accessories in the Captain-Lax Online Shop

You can buy special Women’s Lacrosse Heads in the appropriate category in the Captain-Lax Online Shop. Heads are available in all sorts of colours and designs to bring brightness and freshness to the playing field. It’s not just Heads that are available in various colours, the Meshes and Stringing Accessories are too.