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Lightest model yet

One of the most important pieces of lacrosse equipment is definitely the shoe! The perfect shoe will give you the support and flexibility that you need, so you can move freely and feel safe on your feet at the same time!

That’s where we come into the game…… We proudly present: the new Freeze V4 from New Balance! With its adaptable heel surround and durable upper, it is a real Game changer on the field, in any weather and when the going gets tough! The new hybrid tongue helps with hot feet during the game, so nothing can stop you!

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Footwear Freeze v4


Perfect for Box Lacrosse

The Warrior Lacrosse Burn Dry Turf Low Lacrosse Shoe in Black is a comfortable Lacrosse Shoe that is ideal for use in Box Lacrosse, Field Lacrosse on Hockey turf, and for other sports too.

Beware: These shoes tend to fit smaller than expected – you should therefore always order them one size larger than your normal sports shoe shoe size! If you still have questions about how to choose the right size, we will be happy to help you.

49,95 € 19,95 €

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Footwear Men Socks
Luf Sox

With unique designs

LUF|SOX Classics Lacrosse LAX Hearts Socks are really comfortable to wear, come in unique designs and are made in Germany. The “LAX Hearts” design is just the right choice for any Lacrosser!

  • The socks are very comfortable to wear
  • are made in Germany, and come in a range of unique designs!
  • The socks are lightly-padded in the toe and heel areas
  • Offering a comfortable feel

12,95 €





Lacrosse Footwear Men
at Captain-Lax

What would a Footballer be without boots, a racing cyclist without click shoes, or a 100m sprinter without spikes? Out of contact with what really matters – the same as a lacrosse player without just the right pair of cleats or turf shoes! This question naturally arises, because each sport has individual equipment needs, meaning not only the Protection, Accessories and clothing, but also, of course, the right shoes.
In most sports, the feet are the main point of contact with the ground – the track – the playing field. Because of that, it’s vital to choose the right sports shoes for the job – only with optimal contact to the playing surface and perfect grip can the best results be achieved….. What good are normal training shoes going to be in wet weather on a grass pitch, when players need to move and change direction quickly, relying on their shoes to keep them in contact with the ground? The right shoes will help you maintain that contact and give you stability and balance so that you won’t slip.
The most important factors that go into making the perfect footwear for Lacrosse are lightness, combined with grip and flexibility. Most important are the materials… Too much weight, especially on the feet, represents ballast, causing highly inefficient energy expenditure, reducing endurance and power output. Because of that, producing a lacrosse shoe from the lightest possible starting materials makes a tremendous difference. Lightweight, but long-lasting, robust starting materials are used, bringing breathability whilst stlll offering excellent stability.

Different shoes for different playing surfaces

There are many different types of shoe – for training or playing, with or without studs or cleats, the different versions have different soles to suit the differing surfaces Training shoes have a grooved sole for the best possible flexibility, while studded shoes, as the name suggests, have either moulded or removable studs, which dig into the ground, providing high stability and grip – studded soles are therefore not suitable for Box Lacrosse/indoor use, nor for the dense artificial turf carpet surfaces used outdoors
Lacrosse shoes designed specially for lhe purpose contain reinforcement in critical areas of the foot, providing even better stability and minimising the risk of injury that could otherwise be caused by wearing inappropriate footwear. Choosing the right type of specially-designed lacrosse shoe offers the best possible wearing comfort and lacrosse-specific performance advantages Lacrosse shoes worn in combination with special socks, such as those offered in the Captain-Lax online shop – produced by Under Armour for example, allow the different parts of the foot to be better stabilised, so that the foot benefits from extraordinary comfort.