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The balls in the Captain-Lax Lacrosse Ball Box (120 pieces) glow in the dark conform with all NCAA and World Lacrosse regulations.

A lacrosse ball can be used in fascial or trigger-point massage for targeted treatment of tight muscles or fascial adhesions in all parts of the body.

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Relieving muscle tension

The Zen Core Massage Ball Set is a great choice for trigger-point massage at home, or wherever you need it!

You can massage away tightness and relieve painful areas all over the body using this set of balls in three different hardnesses. The yellow ball is the softest, orange is medium and red is the firmest. Depending on your needs and how intense your problem is, you can switch between the different balls to produce the result you are looking for.

We recommend that you work for at least eight seconds but no longer than one minute on any problem area. This massage ball set is easy to use and offers you the possibility of treating and reducing muscular pain and tension all over the body.

12,95 €

Balls Zen Core
Balls Zen Core




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Goals & Nets

Lacrosse goals that are designed for the job help you play the game You will find all of the different sizes of lacrosse goals and nets in our online shop. Browse the category!


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You need lots of different things when you play lacrosse, not just a Lacrosse Stick (a “complete stick” that comprises a strung head and a shaft), and your choice of lacrosse goal – at least one lacrosse ball should be on your list too! The lacrosse balls that are on sale in the Captain-Lax online shop have been produced to conform with NCAA and World Lacrosse specifications and can therefore be used in matches played under official regulations Our own brand: Captain-Lax, offers an exclusive range of lacrosse balls as part of our extensive product mix. These balls are produced to conform with the circumference and weight requirements laid down by World Lacrosse for men’s and women’s lacrosse.
You can buy Captain-Lax Lacrosse Balls as single items or in larger quantities too. They come in a wide range of colours – including your own favourite, and they all have the delightful Captain Lax “Monkeyface” Logo moulded into them. Captain-Lax Balls are also available as “Ball Boxes”, each containing 120 Balls of one colour – buying them that way not only saves you money, but it also means you can order a full set of balls for your whole lacrosse team in one go.
As part of the wide selection of Lacrosse Accessories products that we stock, we also have supplies of lacrosse balls produced by well-known Lacrosse brands in our Accessories section. Depending on your taste, you can buy various colours of lacrosse balls here to give your game that very special touch!