Bags STX

Large main compartment

The Challenger Wheelie Bag in Black is fitted with heavy-duty wheels and comes with an built-in pull handle. The large main compartment is designed to take all of your gear. There’s a small extra accessories pocket too.

  • Heavy-duty wheels and a pull handle
  • Large main compartment designed to take all of your gear
  • Small accessories pocket
  • Size: 43“ L x 18“ H x 17“ D

164,95 €


Protection Cascade XRS
Protection Cascade XRS
Cascade XRS Black Matte


The XRS combines all of Cascade’s best protection-first technology, innovative design features, attention to detail, comfort and style so you can leave it all on the field with confidence. Cascade’s safest, most comfortable and best performing helmet. Sounds like just what you need!

from 299,95€

Protection Cascade XRS
Protection Cascade XRS
Cascade XRS Black Matte


Tapes Müller Logo

The perfect fit!

Mueller Sports Medicine Tape is particularly light on the skin and is also easy to use. It has excellent adhesive strength. Easy to apply

The tape provides support when playing and is ideal for stabilising joints during sport activities such as lacrosse. The tape does a great job because it attaches firmly to any body part.

The tape on the roll is 3.8cm wide x 9.1m long.

Tapes Men


Endcaps Men Captain-Lax
Captain-Lax Logo

Choose your
own style

Choose your new favourite Captain Lax End Cap from a variety of colours. The shape and size of Captain Lax End Caps has been engineered for perfect stick control and leverage, allowing you to make the optimal pass or shot.

Captain Lax 1″ End Caps are about 4 cm long and are 2,54 cm, in diameter, which means that they fit perfectly on a 1” shaft.

2,45 – 2,95 €

Endcaps Men Captain-Lax


Durable water bottle

The STX Polycarbonate Water bottle is an ultra durable water bottle The bottle has a leak-proof cap and a flip straw.

Features of the Waterbottle:
  • Ultra-durable
  • leak-proof cap
  • flip straw
  • STX Logo
Accessoires STX Waterbottle





Various Lacrosse Accessories
at Captain-Lax

The range of products that we have in the Captain-Lax online shop includes all possible types of standard lacrosse equipment as well as lots of other lacrosse accessories that are available in different versions, colours and designs at You can find almost any lacrosse accessory that is available on the market. .
Starting with all kinds of Lacrosse Coach and Training aids, in our Lacrosse Accessories section, you can find all kinds of ways to train and improve your ball control, shooting and passing. Apart from that, you will also find other unique and special products under the banner of Lacrosse, like our Lacrosse Balls in all sorts of different colours. Particularly popular with all of our customers are our own-brand Captain-Lax lacrosse balls. These balls are made to conform with NCAA and World Lacrosse regulations and come with the cute Monkeyface Logo printed into them. Captain-Lax lacrosse balls are available at the best prices exclusively in our range, in your favourite colour or even with a special glow-in-the-dark effect. Lacrosse balls from other brands, like Brine and Harrow are also available online in the Captain-Lax Online Shop. Of course, amongst the accessories we offer there are also various lacrosse goals and goal nets, as well as products that can be used to fix the nets to lacrosse goals. Lacrosse goals are vitally important in a lacrosse game because that’s where the ball should go as often as possible when you have been using your shooting skills – the more times that you score, the more likely you are to be on the winning side at the end of the game! To train and improve your shooting skills, a special goal target with holes in the sides and corners can be used for targeted shooting training practice sessions Special Lacrosse Goals come in different sizes according to your needs, and we stock not only our own Captain Lax brand of goals, but also those from other suppliers like Brine for example.