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  • 1,95 
    Clubprice: 1,45 

    The Opro Gen 2.0 Straps Lacrosse only fit to the 2.0 mouthguards. With the straps you can attach the mouthguard to your helmet. Advantages of the Opro Gen 2.0 Straps Lacrosse: only fit to 2.0 mouthguards attachment to helmet

  • 5,95 
    Clubprice: 4,95 

    The Lacrosse Chin Strap is a great accessory for your Cascade lacrosse helmet. Advantages of the Lacrosse Chin Strap: great accessory

  • 5,95 
    Clubprice: 5,45 

    With the Cascade Back Panel you can give your hemlet a new look. Use this Cascade Back Panel to give your helmet a personal touch and to show everyone your good style. Advantages of the Cascade Back Panel: back panel for Cascade Helmet give your helmet a new look avaliable…

  • 5,95 
    Clubprice: 5,45 

    Customize your Cascade S with the CASCADE S-Mohawk Decal and mores ticker. Your own style is sure to stand out on the field, whether you choose red, black, orange or athletic gold.