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    The Maverik Max Lacrosse Goalie Glove was created for experienced goalies and provides an unmatched performance. Advantages of the Maverik Max Lacrosse Goalie Glove: manufactured with traditional profile and extra volume in fingers and backhand palm made of synthetic suede for soft feeling and unmatched control adjustable cuff for excellent…

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    The STX Shield 500 Goalie Lacrosse Gloves does not only provide a high levelof protection but also an excellent feel. Advantages of the STX Shield 500 Goalie Lacrosse Gloves: Increased thumb protection because of updated design Additional coverage on wrist thanks to new cuff system Flexible GeoFlexTM protection on backhand…

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    The STX Cell V Lacrosse Goalie Glove offer flexible protection for the professional player. Advantages of the STX Cell V Lacrosse Goalie Glove: GeoFlex II ™ – flexible protection for the power player Flexible thumb protection With the C3 ™ cuff system you can adjust your glove yourself. Ventilated palm…

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    The Maverik Rome Goalie Lacrosse Gloves offers the whole package with maximumprotection, breathability, excellent fit and premium materials. Advantages of the Maverik Rome Goalie Lacrosse Gloves: Anatomical SPEED FIT profile provides tight fit and maximized mobility XRD® technology is soft but hardens on impact for excellentproteciton of thumb and index…

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    The Maverik Max Goalie Glove 2022 is a good choice for goaliesand provides an unmatched performance. Thanks to its many technologies, the glove provides the first-class protection without restricting freedom of movement and flexibility. Advantages of the Maverik Max Goalie Glove 2022: manufactured with traditional profile and extra volume in…

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    The Warrior Fatboy Goalie Lacrosse Glove offers you enough freedom of movement and great protection. The fit is adjustable so you not only stay mobile and flexible, but also enjoy a high level of comfort. Additional protection on the thumb and the backhand as well as the thick material and…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Burn Player & Goalie Leg Pad provides the legendary Warrior Burn speed. Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Burn Player & Goalie Leg Pad: provides legendary Warrior Burn speed Wartech compression fit increases wearing comfort as well as flexibility VPS form allows for protection in important areas without…

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    The Maverik Max 2025 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves are functional gloves for beginners and advanced players. In addition to the high flexibility of the hands, the gloves allow for protection that protects the fingers and knuckles from hard force impacts. Advantages of Maverik Max 2025 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves: Extra volume in…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants offer optimal protection. The simple cut allows to wear the pants under shorts. The elastic waistband with reinforced pull loops avoids tearing of the pants and allows a comfortable fit. The Beaded Foam Technology distributes and reduces the impact of balls. In additon,…