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Cascade R Helmet Lacrosse Chrome Mask

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The Lacrosse Helmet R Black Chrome Mask allows for a durable system to betterdeal with frontal impacts thanks to the SuperMonoTM R SHELL, which is aone-piece shell with a visor. The design of this lacrosse helmet placesthe balance point closer to the middle and therefore a high performancehelmet with a lighter feel is created. The R MASK offers the playerimproved vision and decreases weight. The R CHIN enables more durabilityalorn the jaw and ears. The liner is a combination of SevenTechTM &Poron®XRDTM, that allow for great comfort and absorb shock of low aswell as hard energy impacts. The HardTail SPRfitTM combined with jawpads provides the player with a 360° contour fit that can be perfectlyadjusted within short time.

Advantages of the Lacrosse Helmet R Black Chrome Mask:

  • SuperMonoTM R SHELL for durable system against frontal impacts
  • design places balance point closer to the middle for lightweight high performance helmet
  • R MASK for improved vision and decreased weight
  • R CHIN for more durability alongside jaw and ears
  • liner is a combination of SevenTechTM & Poron®XRDTM for more comfort and absorption of low and high energy impacts
  • HardTail SPRfitTM combined with jaw pads for 360° contour fit and ideal adjustment within short time
  • the R helmet has been successfully approved and certified by our german authoryties and has the CE-Certification

Standard size complies approximately to the measurements 21.5” (55 cm) – 24” (61 cm)!

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 24 × 40 × 26 cm
LAX Colour

Black, Platinum Finish




LAX Erfahrungslevel




Further information about the Cascade S Youth Helmet


The Cascade S Youth helmet uses the Tri-Liner System with a Supermono™ S Shell and many other technological features to provide a package that offers optimal protection.


The GEN4EPP system is engineered to manage variable force impacts from the front. This means that the forehead and face are perfectly protected. In addition, the ventilation vents let cool air in, so the sweat dries faster and the helmet is more comfortable to wear.

NV 3

NV 3 high performance impact foam provides maximum protection to the crown of the head. No matter how heavy or powerful the contact, this precisely-moulded material maintains shape and comfort under impact.

Seven Technology

The Seven Technology system compresses after impact to the helmet shell and laterally displaces energy, then and within seconds, it completely resets and is ready for the next blow.. Reliable permanent protection is vital when playing and gives the player peace of mind The impact zones on the side and rear are the most important ones and therefore require special protection.


The one-piece shell and visor design makes sure that the helmet doesn’t move forwards or backwards The helmet’s centre of gravity is focussed on the middle of the top of the head – the crown. Moving the centre of gravity to the middle crown keeps helmet weight balanced and aligned so the player can see better. This also improves comfort. The one piece shell and visor design creates a rigid framework that supports the Tri-Liner system in managing and dispersing impacts.


The chin area is one of the most important, as direct impacts to the chin can be very painful. Cascade uses a reinforced dual-material chin piece that provides improved stiffness for the S Youth Helmet,


Maximum breathability is guaranteed by the XFLO ventilation ports. The openings offer 2x better, more functional breathability than ordinary helmets. The air circulation makes sure that sweat dries quickly and helps you keep a cool head. Cool air flows through the helmet and then out of the rear XFLO ventilation openings. In combination with the SUPERMONO™ S YOUTH SHELL, the helmet is designed to be as balanced, solidly-made and ventilated as possible.


If the helmet is too loose when you first wear it, this is no problem at all thanks to the SPRFIT system, the fit of the helmet is easy to adjust. Adjustable jaw pads and head circumference make the helmet micro-adjustable. So not only is the weight focussed at the middle/top of the head, the player gets a fit that can be adjusted in no time.


Not losing sight of the ball is made possible by PowerPress technology. The wire diameter in the facemask has been reduced to ensure that the view through the facemask is improved. . The enhanced field of vision means that the ball and the players are never out of view. Another advantage is the increased stiffness of the facemask, which provides better protection against impacts.

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