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Nike Ceo 2 Lacrosse Head Unstrung

Art. Nr.: oNike-HD-Ceo2
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Dimensions 30 × 5 cm
LAX Mesh



LAX Härte

Lax Head Technologie

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The dynamic performance of the Nike Ceo 2 Lacrosse Head Unstrung makes this head suitable for players looking to gain the upper hand on faceoffs. The aggressive scoop shape helps you groundballs, receive and pass balls. Emphasis is placed on stability and toughness. A closer hand placement of the player is made possible by the short Throat. Targeted areas of the head feature increased stiffness and flexibility and the pinch profile is highly designed to address the specific needs of face off players. In addition, the inner throat is extended.

Advantages of the Nike Ceo 2 Lacrosse Head Unstrung:

  • face off head with increased ball control and durable material
  • excellent balance between power and durability
  • shorter throat for closer hand placement for more power and control
  • stability and flexibility through flex zones and stiff material
  • aggressively shaped scoop for easier groundball play
  • accurate precision through the high pinch profile
  • extended inner throat

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