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STX Crux Pro Women Lacrosse Head Strung Proform CRX

Art. Nr.: oSTX-HD-CRXP-C2

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm

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LAX Mesh

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The STX Crux Pro Women Lacrosse Head Crux Mesh 2.0 offers you a functional head. The shape of the head remains the same even under extreme weather conditions. It also has a pointed scoop that protects the top string and a long channel so ground balls can be picked up and played easily. The handle has a soft, ruery finish that prevents it from sliding out of your hand.

Advantages of the STX Crux Pro Women Lacrosse Head Crux Mesh 2.0:

  • pointed scoop
  • durable head shape
  • protection of the top string
  • long, narrow channel
  • guides ball to the sweet spot
  • fine ball feel and lots of movement
  • soft, ruery surface

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