Warrior Lacrosse Burn Warp Pro Complete Stick

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 115 × 11 × 5 cm

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LAX Material

Lax Head Technologie

LAX Erfahrungslevel

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The Warrior Lacrosse Burn Warp Pro Complete Stick is a combination of the Burn Warp Pro Lacrosse Head and the Burn Pro Carbon Lacrosse Shaft.

Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Burn Warp Pro Complete Stick:

  • Mid-high pocket
    Perfect for attack players and midfielders
  • Maximized shot speed and accuracy
  • Minimus Carbon Fiber Shaft only weighs 125g and has the best-in-classdurability
  • 2 end caps included: 1 Warp End Cap for maximized shot leverage and 1 Warrior End Plug for lightest possible setup
  • Whip 1 = lowest Whip Level: allows quickest release
  • Whip 4 = highest Whip Level: adds hold for shot power

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