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Warrior Lacrosse Fatboy Burn Warp Next Attack Schläger

Art. Nr.: oWL-BWNAC20
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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 115 × 11 × 5 cm


LAX Material

Lax Head Technologie

LAX Erfahrungslevel

Zusätzliche Stringlöcher




The Warrior Lacrosse Fatboy Burn Warp Next Attack Lacrosse Complete Stick is designed for advanced players aged 12 and under

Advantages of Warrior Burn Warp Next Lacrosse Attack Complete Stick:

  • Comes with the Burn Warp Head and Fatboy Cryptolyte Shaft perfect for developing boxing players.
  • Warp mid-pocket with a large diamond design improves hold and pocket feel
  • Warp Pocket does not require stringing
  • Pocket always stays the same and is weather resistant
  • Pocket does not require maintenance
  • Available in low whip 1 option which allows a smooth and accurate shot
  • Better control through lighter cryptolyte stick with diamond grip

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