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Brine Lacrosse Anthem Unstrung Head

Art. Nr.: oBL-WHOANT1

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm

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The Brine Lacrosse Anthem Unstrung Head is the perfect head for face offs: the mid-offset design facilitates faster release and pickup of the ball. The angled scoop gives the head a pointed shape for superior accuracy and ease when picking up balls on the ground. The very high hitting precision also provides excellent control when maintaining the ball and maximum playing experience. The shape of the head also impresses with its balance and poise, which can reach its full potential with good stringing. Easier handling when stringing the pocket and a lace protection are caused by the recessed lacing channels. It also gives the head better stiffness and protects the stringing tips.

Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Anthem Unstrung Head:

  • suitable for face offs
  • mid-offset design
  • superior accuarcy and lightness due to angled scoop
  • excellent control when releasing and receiving the ball, even on the ground
  • protects string tips
  • improved stiffness


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