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Maverik Ascent + Women Lacrosse Head Unstrung

Art. Nr.: oML-Ascent-Unst-3003
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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm



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The Maverik Ascent + Head Unstrung convinces with a construction for groundballs and fast release. The consistent channel guides the ball to the sweet spot, thus enabling a fast and uncomplicated release. The many stringing holes offer many possibilities for individualization to string the head to your own needs. Dominant ball control is made possible by the 22° angle, allowing players to shoot, pass and cradling balls, especially ground balls from all angles and while running – without thinking about it too much. This makes this head suitable for players who want to give their best at all times.

Advantages of the Maverik Ascent + Head Unstrung:

  • dominate groundballs
  • catch balls safely through channel that guides them to the sweet spot
  • fast, easy release
  • many stringing holes for individual touch
  • dominating ball control due to 22° angle
  • catch, shoot and pass from all angles and while running

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