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Captain-Lax #LaXer Sweatpants in grey have a stylish lacrosse design printed on them and offer outstanding wearing comfort due to the comfortable materials used to produce them.

A real lacrosse player does not settle for just any old sportswear, but proudly wears special lacrosse teamwear that’s designed and made for the job!
The pants are perfect for training off the field.

The jogging pants are available in grey or black. Apart from that, they are not just for men, but for women too!

29,95 € 24,95 €

Apparel Allgemein Captain-Lax Jogger


Apparel Allgemein Cap

OSFM (one size fits most) cap

The Maverik New Era Stowe Hat is a one-size-fits-most cap that will fit on almost any head! Embroidered on the front, for a stylish look. This cap is great for everyone


  • OSFM (one size fits most) cap
  • Fits most head sizes
  • Embroidered logo on front

24,95 €


Comfortable, with a
stylish print

High performance materials give this sweatshirt that cozy feel off the field but it’s also light, which means you can wear it under your reversible on those colder days. Comes with the latest Maverik logo on the chest. 

Made from 80 % Cotton and 20 % Polyester, in sizes S-XXL. 

Apparel Allgemein Maverik Hoodie


Apparel Allgemein Under Amour

Anti-odour technology

The Under Armour Heatgear Armour Supervent Compression Shirt for men is the best choice for your workout on a hot summer’s day. Because of its body-hugging style, the shirt fits like a second skin.

The Moisture Management System wicks sweat efficiently away from the body and helps you to dry quickly. Specialised flat seaming that feels smooth and prevents chafing. Highly breathable material helps you stay cool. .

29,95 € 24,95 €




Lacrosse Apparel
at Captain-Lax

The extensive range in the Captain-Lax online store includes a few surprises for players and fans of lacrosse. In addition to conventional lacrosse equipment, such as lacrosse shafts, heads, protection accessories, gloves, etc., you can also find special lacrosse teamwear and apparel in our lacrosse online shop. A real lacrosse player does not settle for just any old sportswear, but proudly wears special lacrosse teamwear that’s designed and made for the job!

Unique Caps

Among other things, you will find all kinds of lacrosse headwear in the accessories category. Whether you’re looking for a special Skull Cap to wear under your helmet as a comfortable intermediate layer or simply as a protective cap, the performance of this Skull Cap leaves nothing to be desired. What’s more, we also have special lacrosse caps in modern designs that deliver as stylish accessories for every lacrosse player.
Not only are accessories available in the Teamwear and Apparel section, but there are also unique Lacrosse T-Shirts to inspire with a stylish look. Whether it’s a men’s or women’s fit, the special T-Shirts from the Captain-Lax online shop deliver on many levels. Our own brand Captain-Lax also offers various T-Shirts with our cute monkeyface print, which is a real eye-catcher. Available in a variety of colours, your personal favourite Lacrosse T-Shirt must be there somewhere. Lacrosse Teamwear and Apparel products are produced for our Captain-Lax online store by manufacturers who use only high-quality materials. The quality of the T-Shirts is therefore exceptionally high and will impress from the very first moment not only visually, but also because of the feel.
Also in the category Lacrosse Apparel and Teamwear we have special Performance Wear products, that offer not only a unique look, but also excellent functionality, supporting your lacrosse performance even more. Whether Under Armour or Warrior, the manufacturers have years of experience. Their innovation and continual development of new technologies has produced products that are unique in their functionality.

Under Armour at Captain-Lax

In the special category: Under Armour, there are also many other items from the well-known manufacturer, Under Armour, offering optimal performance with high-tech systems and properties. Not just suitable for lacrosse, but for other sports too – Under Armour’s specialised clothing comes in various types, some offering optimal protection against cold, others supporting the absorption of sweat on hot days, helping you stay cool and dry.
In our exclusive DLaxV merchandise store, you can also find special DLaxV accessories, such as sweatpants or hoodies, which come with the official DLaxV logo.
Whilst browsing through the different sections of the Captain-Lax online shop, you’re bound to stumble upon some lacrosse accessories that will soon be providing you with even more lacrosse fun – your team-mates and your opponents will be amazed!