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    The Maverik Prep 2 Lacrosse Head Unstrung features the roundest scoop and narrowest throat which is allowed to play with. This lacrosse head helps the player to control the ball perfectly in order to dominate the game. The stringing holes of the Prep enable the player to string this head…

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    The Maverik Rize Lacrosse Head Unstrung is perfect for offensive players. Advantages of the Maverik Rize Lacrosse Head Unstrung: currently most offensive lacrosse head ultra-lightweight construction and aggressive ramp increase accuracy and high speed 15 Degree Throat Technology for maximum ball control sidewalls make head robust

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    The Maverik Spider Lacrosse Head Unstrung is a true offensiveweapon. Advantages of the Maverik Spider Lacrosse Head Unstrung: a true offensive weapon more rounded for accurate shots aggressive and high positioned ramp provides high speed stringing holes enable player to customize pocket for maximum control

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    The Brine RP3 Lacrosse Head Unstrung royal blue is desigend by MLL all-star Rob Panell, who is one of the best offensive player in lacrosse. This head convinces with his Core-Tech design and tight face shape, perfect for offensive players, who need maximum ball control. Advantages of the Brine RP3…

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    The Maverik Lacrosse Flight 2 Head Unstrung helps you to improve yourresponsiveness on field. Advantages of the Maverik Lacrosse Flight 2 Head Unstrung: helps to improve responsiveness on the field features mid-positioned ramp rounded scoop for accurate shots and easy groundball pick ups

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    The Maverik Lacrosse Juice Head Unstrung combines everything you need for a perfect game. Advantages of the Maverik Lacrosse Juice Head Unstrung: narrow ultimate control while handling the ball better release point to generate more powerful shots improved ball control when player wants to slow down the game a weapon…

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    Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Attack is a super lightweight metal shaft of the brand Maverik and offers maximum power in shots. The Scandium Titanium material is very strong and durable. The dynamic Wall Taper construction withstands very powerful shots. Awarded with Maverik MILITARY GRADE consistency, the shaft supports the player during…

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    Maverik Wonderboy Shaft 2023 – Defense offers very good durability and minimized weight. Handling and control are enhanced by the matte finish without pressing on the weight. The 9000er alloy reduces weight and intensify stability to ensure a highly durable Shaft. Additionally, the shaft features ABE 3, Maverik’s Adjustable Butt-End,…

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    Perfect for training and getting to know lacrosse is the STX StxBall stick. The Complete Stick made of plastic is sturdy and stable. The pocket is deep. This 36"/91,44 cm long Stick is the right choice for beginners and training sessions.

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    The STX Exult 200 Backpack Pack is ideal for a lacrosse player who goes for the first time to the lacrosse training Advantages of the STX Exult 200 Backpack Pack: Ideal Complete Stick, google and backpack set for the first-time player Exult 200 Stick features a Crux mesh pocket for…

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    The Captain-LAX Big Carved Wristband – LACROSSE is an excellent lacrosse accessory with a “LACROSSE” lettering and the typical Captain-LAX monkey head.

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    The Harrow Ultralight Women Head Strung is the lightesthead on the lacrosse market. Advantages of the Harrow Lacrosse Ultralight Women Head Strung: 157 grams reinforced Plastic Build all Weather Control meets US Lacrosse Specifications Approved for International Play by the Federation of InternationalLacrosse

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    The Brine Karma Women Head Unstrung is suitable for all playing positions and is also really stiff. Advantages of the Brine Karma Women Lacrosse Head Unstrung: slightly bent U Scoop for more accurate ground ball pick ups rounded ball stop for more control of the ball in the pocket ball…

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    The STX Lilly Lacrosse Complete Stick offers you the finest ball feel when catching and shooting thanks to the soft, lightweight mesh. Due to its light weight and high ball feel, the stick is suitable for beginners. The Crux Mesh is weather resistant, even in wet weather conditions. Advantages of…

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    The Captain-Lax Lacrosse Ball Box (120 pieces) Blue meets all NCAA specifications for official play. It can also be used as a fascia ball for self-massage and the treatment of tense muscles and fasciae. Advantages of the Captain-Lax Lacrosse Ball Box (120 pieces) Blue: Contains 120 lacrosse balls perfect lacrosse…

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    The Zen Core Reaction Ball 10×10 Soft Blue is an ideal training tool, that helps you to improve your ability to react, eye-hand coordination, quickness and agility. Advantages of the Zen Core Reaction Ball 10×10 Soft Blue: is being thrown at a hard surface and then bounces back in a…

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    The Zen Core Massage Peanut Double Lax Hard Blue is an excellent massage peanut, as tensions can be relieved ideally. We recommend to massage the uptight spot at least eight seconds but no longer than one minute. This massage peanut offers you the advantages, that muscle tensions can be relieved,…

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    The deBeer Lacrosse Gripper Pro Soft Piece Lacrosse allows for long lasting grip thanks to its patented and revolutionary Polyurethane Injection Molded Runners. The Molded Apertures prevent the pocket from shifting as it locks the cross lace in place. The Braided Nylon Core keeps the pocket from stretching and the…

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    The Mueller Sports Medicine Tape is very lightweight. It is characterized by the excellent adhesive strength. After simply unrolling from the roll, it is easy to put on. The tape supports performance, it is optimal for stabilization while playing lacrosse or even other sports actvities. The functions of the tape…

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    The New Balance Burn X3 Cleat Shoes allows you to give your all on the field. The stitched upper and speed plate on the sole provide excellent stretch and support. The shoes are also equipped with Achilles pads that support your Achilles and your foot. You can tie the shoes…

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    The New Balance Freeze V4 Lacrosse Shoes are made for fast players. The classic rear cap ensures easy entry. The surface consists of a mesh that is zonally inserted. This provides additional protection for the toes and sufficient breathability. The New Balance Shoes are US Men size. For Women size…

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    The STX SC-TI X Alloy Lacrosse Handle Attack offers you a great strength to weight ratio. The X-Grip profile and Max Sandblast surface make the stick feel firm and secure in your hand. The X-Grip optimizes the placement of your fingers and thumb for great feel and stick control. The…

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    The Maverik Havok Lacrosse Schlägerkopf Unstrung is the perfect head for defensive players and provides the best in class strength to weight ratio. Advantages of the Maverik Havok Lacrosse Schlägerkopf Unstrung: Groundballs ca be scooped with ease because of ideally engineered scoop angle Tighter face shape as well as light…

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    The Müller Sports M-Tape Team Colours is made of 100% cotton is bleached with different colours. In combination with humidity the M-Tape will not bleed wherefore it is optimal suitable for sportive activities. The M-Tape has a width of 3,8cm and is wrapped on a reel about 13,7m.