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The Maverik Max Lacrosse Glove was designed for the experienced player and offers unparalleled performance. This high-tech glove combines comfort, feel and protection.

199,95 € 189,95 €

Men Gloves Maverik Max Weiß
Men Gloves Maverik Max Weiß
Men Gloves Maverik Max Schwarz
Men Gloves Maverik Max Schwarz
Men Gloves Maverik Max Grau



"My favorite gloves are the Warrior Burn"


Pro Lacrosse Player with the PHILADELPHIA WINGS

Protection Glove Burn white
Protection Glove Burn black


Men Gloves STX Cell V Black
Men Gloves STX Cell V Navy
Men Gloves STX Cell V
Men Gloves STX Cell V Back
Men Gloves STX Cell V

STX Cell V Gloves use GeoFlex II Technology for extra protection, without any loss of mobility. The Power Fit™ Profile, the ventliated design and the C3™ cuff system bring you more comfort and an even better fit. These gloves are ideal for the Elite player looking to maximise comfort and control. .

129,95 – 149,95 €




Men Gloves STX Shield 500





Lacrosse Gloves
at Captain-Lax

The sport of lacrosse has existed for a long time, but it has only really taken off in Europe in recent years, finding more and more fans and players who are inspired by the “somewhat different sport”! Of course, like any other sport, lacrosse requires special equipment. As the game is often very physical and the hands can be particularly affected when the opponent’s Lacrosse Stick hits them, it makes a lot of sense to wear special lacrosse gloves, to protect yourself from injury. The rules of men’s lacrosse mandate lacrosse gloves as essential protective equipment, so every lacrosse player has to wear a pair of gloves before they are allowed to take part in an official lacrosse game.

Lacrosse gloves from the Captain-Lax online shop are manufactured by well-known brands such as Maverik, Warrior, Nike or STX and are therefore well-made and of a very high quality – not only in relation to the materials used, but also in terms of the manufacturing processes and quality control too. The high-quality production results in lacrosse gloves that are unsurpassed in their functionality and, above all, offer perfect protection.

High-tech gloves at Captain-Lax

A lacrosse glove is a highly technical product, and many small details have to be taken into account during production The highest quality lacrosse gloves are made from extremely light-weight materials that ensure minimal weight and no restriction of movement. In addition to the light weight, lacrosse gloves are made so that they do not restrict the free movement of the fingers. Each finger joint has its own protective segment, so that the control over the Complete Stick can be handled precisely and maximum flexibility can be provided.

Comfort does not have to suffer with these items of Lacrosse Protection they are all extremely comfortable to wear. As the hands can often get sweaty when you play sports like lacrosse, it is important to include special ventilation systems into lacrosse gloves. This means that special mesh inserts are often built into the back of the hand, which allow for optimal air circulation in the lacrosse gloves, ensuring effective ventilation. There are also small ventilation holes on the fingers that serve the same purpose. Further information about the type of protection, its functionality and properties can be found in the individual product descriptions of the individual lacrosse gloves – all laid out on the basis of design and price category.