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    Clubprice: 165,95 

    The STX Exult Proform Lacrosse Head is for midfielders. Due EnduraForm™ provides not only a lightweight head, but also great durability, both in normal and very hot weather. The Speed Scoop™ makes it easier to hit groundballs. Minimized sidewalls provide optimal ball control and ball retention. Advantages of the STX…

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    - 17 % Off
    Clubprice: 94,95 

    The Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft Atttack is the lightest metal shaftby Maverik and provides maximum shot power. Advantages of the Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Attack Shaft: lightest metal shaft by Maverik provides maximum shot power equipped with the adjustable butt-end ABE+ features Dynamic Wall Taper technology for increased durability Bead Blasted…

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    Clubprice: 15,95 

    The JimaWAX! Attack Mesh immediately breaks in, holds its pocket and is also waterproof. Other was meshes are only coated with wax but not the JimaWAX! Attack Mesh because the wax is being infused into its fibers. The result of this process is that the mesh is neither sticky nor…

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    The Traditional Hard Attack Mesh is by far the most popular of all meshes. It is relatively easy to break and will hold its pocket even during bad weather conditions. This mesh not only provides a good hold but also a good shot speed. It is not an accident that…

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    Clubprice: 5,45 

    Customize your Cascade S with the CASCADE S-Mohawk Decal and mores ticker. Your own style is sure to stand out on the field, whether you choose red, black, orange or athletic gold.

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    - 47 % Off
    Clubprice: 32,95 

    The Brine Lacrosse Womens Lithium Lacrosse Shaft is a really robust alloy lacrosse handle of the 7000 range. This shaft combines unbelievable stability with lightness and is therefoe a true high-power lacrosse shaft. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Womens Lithium Lacrosse Shaft: really robust combinses stability with lightness true high-power…

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    - 42 % Off
    Clubprice: 62,95 

    The STX Exult Sc-Ti Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack Straight is the lightest metal handle in the game. It is stronger than scandium and lighter than titanium. The precision crafted create perfectly balanced sticks for quicker release and better ball feel. Advantages of the STX Exult Sc-Ti Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack…

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    Clubprice: 81,95 

    Experience a super light handle with the Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Superlight Shaft Gold 2021. The strenght to weight ratio is top notch.This distinguishes the Superlight Shaft as a lightweight, yet powerful shaft. The octagon shape has longer sides, providing a more precise and tightly formed hand position. In addition, the…

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    Clubprice: 4,95 

    The Cascade Lacrosse for CPX-R and CPV-R Helmet enables you to give your Cascade helmet a new look. Advantages of the Cascade Lacrosse for CPX-R and CPV-R Helmet: for Cascade CPX-R and CPV-R helmet gives you the possibility to change the design of your Cascade helmet available in many different…

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    Out of Stock
    Clubprice: 2,40 

    The M-Wrap Multi Purpose Tape is very soft and can be used for multiple purposes like keeping your hair out of your eyes so you can keep the focus completely on your game. This tape is available in many different colors and its measurements are 6,9 cm x 19,5 m.…