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    For young players, the STX Stallion 100 Helmet Lacrosseis the right choice. The helmet offers safety and comfort for the young player, through the combination of the EVA foam and the pleasant inner lining. The openings allow enough fresh air to reach the head and they make the helmet lighter.…

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    The Maverik Charger Lacrosse Arm Pad 2020 was developed to protect young players while allowing maximum freedom of movement. Advantages of the Maverik Charger Lacrosse Arm Pad 2020: Specifically developed for the young, growing player Age-appropriate protection across the arm and elbow Mesh on the inner arm and a smooth…

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    The Maverik Charger OKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the perfect companion for young players who need the perfect mix of protection, freedom of movement and comfort. With the Comfort Fit Arch function, the fitting can be adjusted to your own needs. Sweat is quickly wicked away, so that a fresh…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Burn Player & Goalie Leg Pad provides the legendary Warrior Burn speed. Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Burn Player & Goalie Leg Pad: provides legendary Warrior Burn speed Wartech compression fit increases wearing comfort as well as flexibility VPS form allows for protection in important areas without…