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    The Brine Dynasty 2021 Lacrosse Glove impresses with its optimal fit and unrestricted freedom of movement. The cropped backhand allows the player to maintain flexibility. Thanks to an angled Velcro Closure system and gel print tab, the gloves always fits tight and well. Not only fit is important, but also…

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    The Maverik Lacrosse Windy City Women Lacrosse Glove is not only lightweight but also provides a targeted protection, freedom of movement and comfort. Advantages of the Maverik Lacrosse Windy City Women Lacrosse Glove: silicon on index and middle finger allows for enhanced stick control protection on backhand and middle and…

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    The Brine Mantra Ice 19 Women Lacrosse Glove keep you warm on cold days. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Mantra Ice 19 Women Gloves: AX Suede premium palm material provides a natural stick feeling Back hand made of waterproof neoprene Fleece-lined back hand and palms for added warmth Compression molded…

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    The Warrior Sublime Lacrosse Glove is made of multiple 5 mm thick neoprene pads. The extra soft pads help to protect the fingers and the back of the hand. The scratched Nash leather on the palm keeps your hands cool and dry due to 14 air vents and provides perfect…

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    The Warrior Bliss Lacrosse Glove belongs to the lightest and most comfortable gloves on the whole market. The breathable neoprene construction wicks sweat away perfectly and the scratched Nash leather on the palm help with the 19 air vents for cool and dry hands. The cool and dry system allows…

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    The Brine Mantra Performance Lacrosse Glove provides a comfortable wearing feel as well as a good protection. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Mantra Performance Lacrosse Glove: Ventilator Stretch backhand for excellent flexibility and ideal comfort AX SuedeTM Cinco premium performance suede palm for enhanded stick feel and comfort during all…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Fire Lacrosse Glove covers with its dual density foam the knuckels and the backhand and has the addional padding on back of thumb. The mesh vents on the back increases airflow. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Fire Warm Weather Mesh Lacrosse Glove: dual density foam covers knuckles…