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    The Brine Lacrosse Clutch 5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft was manufactured with full-length Friction Grip,which will not wear off. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Clutch 5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft: full-length Friction Grip will not wear off Performance SL2 Alloy handle lighter, faster as well as more durable

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    The Warrior Evo AX1 Lacrosse Shaft Attack allows for the ideal control on the field and also an excellent handling. Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Evo AX1 Lacrosse Attack Shaft: Composite construction has been perfected for over a decade AXYSYM technology for maximized recoil but minimized effort slick grip for…

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    The Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft Attack is perfect for every attacker and middi. Advantages of the Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Attack Shaft: Lightest metal shaft Adjustable Butt-End with a silicone liner for more stability Scandium titanium materials feature the MILITARY GRADETM consistency

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    The Maverik Caliber Lacrosse Shaft Attack is the perfect shaft for every attacker and defender, because of the strong material. Advantages of the Maverik Range Caliber Lacrosse Attack Shaft: Strongest shaft by Maverik Adjustable Butt-End with a silicone liner for more stability very resistant material features MILITARY GRADETM strength. High-end…

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    The Hypercore Lacrosse Shaft Attack is the latest addition to the Maverik Carbon Shaft family. Advantages of the Hypercore Lacrosse Attack Handle: Very good price-performance ratio Zero Flex for unbeatable accuracy Adjustable butt-end

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    The STX FIBER 2° A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack offers an optimal grip surface. Advantages of the STX FIBER 2° A/M Composite Handle: R-grip profile maximizes surface contact for optimal control Elite end cap for a lightweight and durable alternative to tape Sand grit coating ensures an improved feeling throughout the…

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    The Hammer 500 -225 Flex- Defense Lacrosse Shaft was manufactured with the lightweight as well as highly durable Carbon Composite material, that allows for flexibility but prevents bending. The 225 flex was optimized and is therefore ideal for defensive players and the traditional octagon shape of the profile enables better…

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    The STX 6000 Lacrosse Defense Shaft is perfect for players on an entry-level. Advantages of the STX 6000 Lacrosse Defense Shaft: matte-anodized 6000 series alloy enables light performance for beginners features smooth, non-slip finish standard shaft of the Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick

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    The STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft makes you play withdominance! Advantages of the STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft: Is the ideal defense shaft for a dominant performance Made of composite Features mild sandblast finish

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    For defending players is the Maverik Hypercore Lacrosse Defense Shaft a good choice. The carbon material impresses not only with its light weight, but also super durability. The I-BEAM CARBON CORE technology ensures particularly high precision and accuracy – not only when catching, but also when throwing balls. In addition,…

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    The Burn Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft is made of Krypto Pro Alloy, which makes it the most lightweight lacrosse shaft manufactured by Warrior. The graphic was especially anodized, so it won’t wear off. Advantages of the Burn Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft: lightest shaft of Warrior because of Krypto Pro Alloy…

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    The STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft is a good choice for very experienced defensive players. The handle is very robust and offers a very good grip due to the concave profile. The 3D grip also improves control over the handle where you need it. Advantages of the STX…

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    With its extremely strong, robust material, the Maverik Caliber Shaft 2021 defense is made for defending players who need to withstands very strong impacts. The Scandium-Titanium material has a very high sturdiness and stiffness. The weight is not too heavy and withstood hard impacts due to the Dual Wall Paper…

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    The Maverik A1 Shaft Lacrosse Goalie is a must-have for every goalie out there. Advantages of the Maverik A1 Shaft Lacrosse Goalie: Faster. Stronger: the A1 shaft is made with Scandium alloy and a thinner wall thickness for an extremely lightweight feel. Combined with GritGrip Technology, the A1 shaft provides…

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    The STX SC-TI O Handle Lacrosse Goalie offers a non-slip grip surface, ideal for all weather conditions. Advantages of the STX SC-TI O Handle Lacrosse Goalie: New Elite End Cap for a better and durable alternative to tape STX Sc-Ti alloy offers best-in-class strength-to-weight ratio

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    The Nike Prime Elite Handle Lacrosse ScTi has concave sides and an octagonal shape. Not only an improved ball and shaft control is thus achieved, but also a better grip. Due to the ultra-light SC-TI alloy, the shaft has a light weight without sacrificing robust and stable material. It impresses…

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    Der Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Superlight 7/8′ Friction Lacrosse Attack Shaft Black provides a unique feel   as well as ideal handling. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Superlight 7/8′ Friction Lacrosse Attack Shaft Black: Friction Grip for excellent feel made using a super light alloy – one of the lightest…

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    The Warrior Fly Girl Women’s Lacrosse Shaft is a classic aluminium alloy shaft, perfect for getting started in lacrosse. Advantages of the Warrior Fly Girl Women’s Lacrosse Shaft: Classic Aluminium Alloy Handle ideal for beginners

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    The STX 6000 Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack is an excellent handle for beginners. Advantages of the STX 6000 Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack: octagonal profile alloy handle of the 6000 series

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    The STX Axxis Women Lacrosse Handle has been strategically designed around the unique hand position of the draw specialist Advantages of the STX Axxis Women Lacrosse Handle: Dual GRIP zones for maximum grip Varied hand design with two profile shapes transitioning from top to bottom Teardrop profile along the top…

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    The STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle is perfect for experienced players. Advantages of the STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle: Lightweight, low-profile composite with targeted strength in high-impact zones Integrated Shaft Lock ™ reduces head rattle 7/8 "handle flares to 1", allowing for a seamless head-to-handle connection Molded end…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Composite Shaft convinces with its grip and light material. The composite material has excellen stability despite its light weight. The soft surface and the classic octagonal shape offer a natural feeling in the hand. Fast strokes or powerful throwing are therefore no problem. Resistant to all…

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    Elite midfielders can count on the Maverik Ascent Carbon Fiber Women Lacrosse Shaft because this shaft is lightweight and very powerful. The hand can now be ideally placed due to the new butt-end design. This allows you to hold the shaft securely, whether you are running or shooting the ball.…

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    The Composite 2 Pro Defense Lacrosse Handle 400 from Stringking is the right choice for a stiff defense shaft. For the predominant dominance in provides a unique grip. The shaft has reinforced material that uses Smart Taper technology to make the shaft strong and stable without pushing on the weight.…