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    With its eight-sided shape, the Brine Lacrosse 6065 Alloy Women Shaft fits comfortably in the hand. The Alloy material impresses with its lightness. In addition, the soft surface prevents the hands from slipping, so that the shaft does not slip out of the hand. Advantages of the Brine 6065 Alloy…

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    The deBeer Lacrosse Airflow Composite Lacrosse Shaft is a light and small composite shaft with an octagonal shape and a special grip. The air holes in lower division of the shaft improve control and help to transport moisture. The Air Flow is made of carbon/fiberglass. Advantages of the deBeer Lacrosse…

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    The STX Fortress 700 Women Lacrosse Shaft was designed for the elite defender Advantages of the STX Fortress 700 Women Lacrosse Shaft: GRIP technology 1 “profile for performance and control 10 ° technology

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    Players can count on the Brine Lacrosse Edge Carbon Lacrosse Shaft becauce this shaft is lightweight and very powerful. With its soft coat and octagonal shape, the handle is suitable for fast movements and shots. This allows you to hold the shaft securely, wether you are racing or shooting fast.…

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    Elite players can bring their performance to the next level with the Nike Lunar Fly Women Lacrosse Handle 7/8 Inch. This handle convinces with a innovativ handling, due to the good shape and firm grip. The composite material is comfortable to hold at any temperature and has a good stability.…

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    The StringKing Women’s Metal 3 Pro from Stringking impresses with its premium alloy and precise, high-quality workmanship. The alloy ensures a longer longevity with a low, balanced weight. The Shaft is easy to handle and has a minimalist design. In addition, the weight is super light and the grip tailored…

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    The Brine OPTIMUM Textured Women Lacrosse Shaft is super lightweight composite construction. Comes in three state of the art colours: Carolina Blue, Purple, Orange Features from the Brine OPTIMUM Textured Women Lacrosse Shaft: Textured composite with comfort-grip finish provides unmatched grip during poor weather conditions Super-light composite technology provides high…

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    The deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse Shaft 12/13 is 32 inches long and weighs 165g. It provides a full size ICE profile and is made of 7050 aluminium. This lacrosse handle feels soft with texture and the available colors are green, yellow and pink. Advantages of the deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse…

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    The Brine Warp Pro Minimus Women Lacrosse Handle is not only the lightest handle of the line but does also provide a high durability. Advantages of the Brine Warp Pro Minimus Women Lacrosse Handle: Lightest handle of the line Provides high durability Octagonal shape Mid-diameter

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    The STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle is perfect for experienced players. Advantages of the STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle: Lightweight, low-profile composite with targeted strength in high-impact zones Integrated Shaft Lock ™ reduces head rattle 7/8 "handle flares to 1", allowing for a seamless head-to-handle connection Molded end…

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    The STX Crux 400 Women Lacrosse Shaft provides an ideal performance in allweather conditions. Advantages of the STX Crux 400 Women Lacrosse Shaft: Constant FlexTM profile allows for additional snap onpasses and shots Thinner diameter (7/8") for fast and easy handling 1" flare enables direct head-to-handle connection and makes an…

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    The Women’s Composite Pro Women’s is the right choice for players who want to develop their performance to a new level. With the new Smart Taper technology, the material is evenly distributed over the entire shaft. This allows for optimal balance and increases the stability of the shaft. Players can…

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    Because of its octagonal shape, the Dynasty Composite Women’s Lacrosse Handle fits well in the hand. The Composite Material is composed of high-quality Carbon Fibre that delivers high strength at a low weight. As well as that, the shaft has a soft surface coating that prevents the hands from slipping,…

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    The Brine Lacrosse DV8 2-Shape Composite Women’s Lacrosse Shaft allows for the best position of your hands for ideal passing and a great defensive play. The rounded lower half allows for the shaft to fit better in your hands. The super light composite technology makes this lacrosse shaft to one…

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    The deBeer Mystique Composite Frauen Lacrosse Shaft is a light composite shaft with multi shape design. The smaller Triax Grip section in upper division of the shaft improves control while playing. The Mystique is made of carbon/fiberglass. Advantages of the deBeer Mystique Composite Frauen Lacrosse Shaft: light composite shaft with…

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    The deBeer Proflex Frauen Lacrosse Shaft Composite is a lightweight composite shaft with a mid-sized triax shape which keeps the stick in the right position during play. The Shaft comes with a soft feel coating. Advantages of the deBeer Proflex Frauen Lacrosse Shaft Composite: lightweight composite shaft mid-sized triax shape…

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    The deBeer TRX Women Lacrosse Shaft is a lightweight composite shaft and the triax shape positions the stick correctly during play. The shaft is made of carbon fibre with soft feel grip. Advantages of the deBeer TRX Women Lacrosse Shaft: lightweight composite shaft triax shape positions stick correctly during play…

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    The Brine CINCH Women Lacrosse Shaft Tapered Grip Composite has the tapered composite technology for an optimal hand placement. The super-light composite technology of the lacrosse shaft is high in strength without adding weight. Even in poor weather conditions the comfort-grip finish provides enhanced grip. The lacrosse shaft comes with…

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    The deBeer 325 Composite Women Lacrosse Shaft 12/13 has a length of 32 inches and a full size octagon shape. Although it has a leightweight composite, the carbon fiber provides extra strength. The available colors are blue, orange, red and green. Advantages of the deBeer 325 Composite Women Lacrosse Shaft…

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    The STX Lure Women Lacrosse Shaft provides a soft octagon shape that feels comfortable and maneuvers easily. Its soft and rubberized finish makes this lacrosse shaft highly recommendable. This lacrosse handle stays temperate in all weather conditions. Advantages of the STX Lure Women Lacrosse Shaft: soft octagon shape soft, rubberized…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Womens Lithium Lacrosse Shaft is a really robust alloy lacrosse handle of the 7000 range. This shaft combines unbelievable stability with lightness and is therefoe a true high-power lacrosse shaft. Advantages of the Brine Lacrosse Womens Lithium Lacrosse Shaft: really robust combinses stability with lightness true high-power…

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    The deBeer FLX 275 Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack is a lightweight lacrosse handle made of carbon with a medium sized octagonal shape. The maximum flexibility of this shaft increases the speed of the ball without any more effort. Advantages of the deBeer FLX 275 Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack: lightweight made…

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    The deBeer Triax Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack Composite is a 36″ long lightweight composite lacrosse handle with a Triax shape and this shape brings the shaft in the right position during play. The carbon fiber that features a soft finish with a great feeling. Advantages of the deBeer Triax Women…

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    The STX Exult Sc-Ti Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack Straight is the lightest metal handle in the game. It is stronger than scandium and lighter than titanium. The precision crafted create perfectly balanced sticks for quicker release and better ball feel. Advantages of the STX Exult Sc-Ti Women Lacrosse Shaft Attack…