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    Der Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helm ist die perfekte Kombination aus Komfort, Schutz und führenden Technologien. Eine große Oberfläche zur Aufpralldämpfung am Kiefer und der Verlagerung des Schwerpunktes in die Mitte der Krone erhöhen den Tragekomfort. Dank der SevenTechnology wird die Energie bei Aufprällen seitlich verdrängt, die Innenauskleidung stellt sich innerhalb…

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    The Warrior Evo Warp Pro 2 Lacrosse Attack Complete Stick was designed for the Lacrosse professional aged 14 years and up Advantages of Warrior Evo Warp Pro 2 Lacrosse Attack Complete Stick: Evo Warp Pro 2 Head plus Evo Pro Carbon Shaft is the lightest complete stick Warrior has ever…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Evo QX-O Warp Complete Stick convinces with many features and details. A very fast release of the ball is possible due to the Axyflex and Minimus Carbon technology. The faster release allows more dominance in the game and more targeted passing. Ball controll and feel are enhanced…

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    The Maverik Kinetik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Strung offers the ideal combination of impact power and precision. It is ideal for players who prefer a powerful game and the perfect companion when the game is on line. The larger face shape increases ball control without putting pressure on the weight. For…

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    The Warrior Evo QX-O Warp Lacrosse Head convinces with its pocket and stability. The faster release through the curved scoop allows more dominance in the game and a more targeted passing. Ball control and feel are enhanced by the targeted stringing of the Warp Pocket. The mesh is not only…

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    The Nike Lunar Elite 3 Lacrosse Head Unstrung stands out due to the Internal String System, which protects the strings more and makes it easier to hold the ball. Fast throwing is made possible by the 10 ° technology. Players no longer just pass balls, they play with more speed,…

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    The Nike Performance Mesh Victory Elite Lacrosse Head Strung is a good choice for players who like to play all-round and do not want to limit themselves. Increased ball control is provided by the draw tabs on the back of the scoop. The material of the head is stiff and…

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    With the Nike Performance Mesh Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Strung groundballs can be played better, because the shape and material focused on durability, longevity and stability. The design provides all the requirements for a mid to low pocket and a variety of stringing holes. This allows the head to be…

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    The Warrior Evo QX Lacrosse Gloves are innovative lacrosse gloves that provide perfect protection and more in-game performance Advantages of Warrior Burn Lacrosse Gloves: Bone system on the back of the hand increases protection by hard plastic inserts LoPro construction flattens the protective surface of the glove TruVent ventilation technology…

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    The Maverik M5 Lacrosse Goalie Glove 2023 impresses with its high breathability and freedom of movement. For unlimited player flexibility, the M4 glove features a traditional shpae with extra volume on the fingers and backahdn. The adjustable cluff allows you to set a closed fit for more protection or an…

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    The Lacrosse Helmet CPV-R features the R-Series SHELL with FreeFlowTM ventilation, that allows for a level of aggression and speed that has never been seen before. The Chevron Mask with its slight V-shape allows for better downward vision which gives the player an advantage when it come to ground balls.…

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    The Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Shaft Attack is perfect for every attacker and middi. Advantages of the Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Attack Shaft: Lightest metal shaft Adjustable Butt-End with a silicone liner for more stability Scandium titanium materials feature the MILITARY GRADETM consistency

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    The STX FIBER 2° A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack offers an optimal grip surface. Advantages of the STX FIBER 2° A/M Composite Handle: R-grip profile maximizes surface contact for optimal control Elite end cap for a lightweight and durable alternative to tape Sand grit coating ensures an improved feeling throughout the…

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    Maverik Hyperlite 2022 Lacrosse Attack Shaft is a shaft for attackers, who like to go beyond their limits. The carbon fiber impresses with super light weight with very rigid stiffness. The zero flex construction prevents bending and the shaft has a traditional form. The adjustable ABE 3 butt-end gives the…

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    Weighing in at under 130 grams, the Warrior Lacrosse Evo QX Carbon Attack Shaft is one of Warrior Lacrosse’s lightest and most stable shafts. This shaft allows you an incredibly fast quick release without any problems. The Tactical Grip and the Control Form prevent the shaft from slipping in your…

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    The Hammer 500 -225 Flex- Defense Lacrosse Shaft was manufactured with the lightweight as well as highly durable Carbon Composite material, that allows for flexibility but prevents bending. The 225 flex was optimized and is therefore ideal for defensive players and the traditional octagon shape of the profile enables better…

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    The STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft makes you play withdominance! Advantages of the STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft: Is the ideal defense shaft for a dominant performance Made of composite Features mild sandblast finish

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    For defending players is the Maverik Hypercore Lacrosse Defense Shaft a good choice. The carbon material impresses not only with its light weight, but also super durability. The I-BEAM CARBON CORE technology ensures particularly high precision and accuracy – not only when catching, but also when throwing balls. In addition,…

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    The Burn Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft is made of Krypto Pro Alloy, which makes it the most lightweight lacrosse shaft manufactured by Warrior. The graphic was especially anodized, so it won’t wear off. Advantages of the Burn Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft: lightest shaft of Warrior because of Krypto Pro Alloy…

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    The STX Hammer 700 Composite Lacrosse Defense Shaft is a good choice for very experienced defensive players. The handle is very robust and offers a very good grip due to the concave profile. The 3D grip also improves control over the handle where you need it. Advantages of the STX…

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    With its extremely strong, robust material, the Maverik Caliber Shaft 2021 defense is made for defending players who need to withstands very strong impacts. The Scandium-Titanium material has a very high sturdiness and stiffness. The weight is not too heavy and withstood hard impacts due to the Dual Wall Paper…

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    The Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp BOX Complete Stick was developed for experienced players who are 16 years and younger. Advantages of the Warrior Fatboy Burn Warp BOX Complete Stick: Warp mid-pocket with larger diamonds to improve hold and shooting power. Warp Pocket does not require stringing Pocket does not require…

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    The STX Fortress 700 Complete Stick isfor experienced defenders and all who want to become one. The head shape convinces with a wide scoop and a narrow pinch. This makes it easier to catch and hold the ball. The deep pocket in combination with reinforced sidewalls provides more strength and…

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    The Maverik Axiom Vertex Women Lacrosse Complete Stick is perfect for any attacker as it offers an excellent hybrid pocket made out of mesh and vertex material. Advantages of the Maverik Axiom Vertex Women Lacrosse Complete Stick: Sweet Spot shaped to the exact shape of the ball for more hold…