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Men Elbow Pad Warrior

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Whether you are a goalkeeper facing up to outside shots, a longstick defender intercepting shots before they reach the net, or a short stick middie fighting for ground balls, wearing Maverik’s revolutionary EKG product line gives you the confidence to provide top performance.


Men Elbow Pad STX Stallion 500

Comfort and optimal protection

The STX Stallion 500™ Lacrosse Arm Pad is an upgrade of one of the best-selling arm protectors on the market, making it even more comfortable and improving ventilation, whilst maintaining the quality of protection so you can keep on playing STX‘s patented 360+ Strap locks the pad into place with a customised fit system and works with the updated Lycra sleeve to offer unparalleled comfort

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Men Elbow Pad STX Stallion 500


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"highly technical MAX pad combines comfort with unrestricted range of motion."


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Lacrosse Arm & Elbow Pads
at Captain-Lax

The Captain-lax Online Shop has a wide range of all kinds of Lacrosse Protective Equipment, which of course includes Lacrosse Arm Protection. . In our Online Shop you can buy Lacrosse Arm Protection Products from all of the best-known companies in the Lacrosse world: Warrior, Brine, Maverik, Nike and STX Lacrosse. The quality of the all of the Arm Protection products is first class, offering high-quality protection against all kinds of potential arm injuries The various types of arm protection have different properties, depending on their design, but they all have the same purpose – to minimise the risk of injury during the aggressive or heavy challenges that can happen when you are playing lacrosse.
You can get Lacrosse Arm Protection in many different styles. For example Arm Pads and Arm Guards. Arm Pads are generally a bit shorter than Arm Guards, but still offer a high level of protection . The longer and larger Arm Guards cover and protect more of the arm.

Protection with Elbow Pads

It’s also possible to choose special Elbow Pads and Elbow Guards, which are designed specifically for the elbow joint and the lower arm too, protecting you from the injuries that can occur in a challenge for the ball. . Protective Inserts made of hard plastic are often built into Arm and Elbow Protection, these Inserts are designed to protect from and cushion the hard blows that can be dealt out with a Lacrosse Complete Stick . Most Arm Protection products include a moisture transport system that absorbs the sweat produced in sport and helps transports it away from the body, making sure that your Lacrosse Arm Protection is always comfortable to wear. Stategically-positioned mesh inserts and ventilation channels help ensure optimal air circulation. Because the arm protectors are constructed in small segments, freedom of movement is guaranteed without any restriction of flexibility.

Some protection items are available in a choice of colours

Of course, Lacrosse Arm Protection items are available in different designs and colours – that way your individual taste is not neglected despite the focus on what’s really important – the protection. Individually adjustable straps with Velcro fasteners ensure the optimal hold of the different Arm Protectors, preventing slipping and optimising protection.