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    With its high-quality processed material and handling, the Nike Victory Elite Women Lacrosse Shaft S Handle 7/8 to 1 inch particularly stands out. The composite material is not only resistant and lightweight, but is also comfortable in the hand at any temperature. Due to the durability, heavy force impacts are no…

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    The Composite 2 Pro Defense Lacrosse Handle 400 from Stringking is the right choice for a stiff defense shaft. For the predominant dominance in provides a unique grip. The shaft has reinforced material that uses Smart Taper technology to make the shaft strong and stable without pushing on the weight.…

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    Clubprice: 56,95 

    The Brine Mantra Rise Women Lacrosse Complete Stick Soft Mesh convinces with high ball control and dominance. The TRUOFFSET offset is placed under the shaft. This directs the ball directly into the sweet spot, increasing ball control and release speed. A low sidewall reinforces the pocket. In addition, the scoop…

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    Clubprice: 170,95 

    The Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves 2025 is suitable for experienced players and offers them unparalleled performance. With its many technologies, the glove provides top-notch protection without restricting range of motion and flexibility. Advantages of the Maverik Max Lacrosse Gloves 2025: Features a traditional profile with added volume in the fingers…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants offer optimal protection. The simple cut allows to wear the pants under shorts. The elastic waistband with reinforced pull loops avoids tearing of the pants and allows a comfortable fit. The Beaded Foam Technology distributes and reduces the impact of balls. In additon,…

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    The StringKing Locking Bolt Square Lacrosse prevents the head from rattling during play. The Locking Bolt can be attached to StringKings shafts such as the Metal 2 or A Series shafts that have a pre-drilled hole. For shafts without a hole, you can drill a hole in the shaft, attach…

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    Clubprice: 2,45 

    The StringKing Locking Bolt Diamond Lacrosse prevents the head from rattling during play. The Locking Bolt can be attached to StringKings shafts such as the Metal 2 or A Series shafts that have a pre-drilled hole. For shafts without a hole, you can drill a hole in the shaft, attach…

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    Clubprice: 28,95 

    The Goalie Throat Guard from Warrior protects your throat from impact forces and checks. The hard material holds up and is robust. With the Warrior design, this helmet matches very well with Warriors helmets. Advantages of the Goalie Throat Guard from Warrior: protects throat deflects checks and force impacts with…

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    The Mueller Sports Medicine Tape is very lightweight. It is characterized by the excellent adhesive strength. After simply unrolling from the roll, it is easy to put on. The tape supports performance, it is optimal for stabilization while playing lacrosse or even other sports actvities. The functions of the tape…

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    Clubprice: 194,95 

    The Warrior Lacrosse Nemesis QS Goalie Gloves is equipped with additional protection on the knuckles and thumb. Through the single-layer sleeve you get enough comfort and maximum stick feel. Thanks to the simplified cuff design, force impacts are repelled, but also flexibility is increased. This allows you to hit and…

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    Clubprice: 135,95 

    The Warrior Evo Lacrosse Glove convinces with its flexibility and comfort. Thanks to the Bone System critical zones are additionally reinforced. Due to the TruVents and the Wartech liner, the glove is very breathable. In addition, the flared cuffs allow more flexibility. Advantages of the Warrior Evo Lacrosse Glove :…

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    In the durable Maverik Monster Bag is enough space for your lacrosse equipment. The team bag is equipped with zippers and reinforced handles. Advantages of the Maverik Monster Bag: Team Bag with plenty of storage space marine grade zippers and reinforced handles durable and long lasting 15 "H X 40…

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    Clubprice: 103,95 

    The Warrior Lacrosse RS Pro Lacrosse Helmet offers comfort, protection and a great design. Due to the IMPAX inner lining you are maximally protected in all impacts. In addition, the helmet can be adjusted to your own head size. You will keep a cool head thanks to the integrated ventilation…

  • 205,95 
    Clubprice: 195,95 

    The StringKing Women’s Composite Women’s is the right choice for players who want to develop their performance to a new level. Due the special form the shaft has a stick check and a cross check zone, giving you the chance to play as fast as you can. Players can throw…

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    The Women’s Mark 2 Offense Unstrung stands for high quality ball control that safely supports the player in her performance. The sidewall is constructed higher and angled, at the same time the shape is tighter. Especially for offensive players, control over the ball is the most important feature and requires…

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    The STX Stallion 400 Lacrosse Arm Pad features the patented 360+ Strap™ that keeps the pad in place. Lots of flexibility and all-around protection are possible with the three-piece pad design. The breathable shell gives the arm pad great comfort. Advantages of the STX Stallion 400 Lacrosse Arm Pad: with…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Puck/Ball Bag fits up to 75 lacrosse balls. The nylon is very durable. In addition, the backpack has a hard plastic plate on the back. This makes the bag perfect for on the go teams at a tournament, for example. Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Puck/Ball Bag:…

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    Clubprice: 79,95 

    The Warrior Lacrosse Jet Pack 21 Lacrosse Bag offers you a lot of storage space and is suitable for everyday and for sports. The lacrosse stick can be attached to the side loops, so that it no longer has to be carried while running. In the inside pocket you can…

  • 293,95 

    The StringKing Complete 2 Pro Goalie Lacrosse Complete Stick convinces with its special head shape and stable bat. The head offers many stringing holes, is pre-stringed and very stiff. Due to its light handle weight and the slightly shorter length than comparable Goalie Shafts, the racket is suitable for advanced…

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    Clubprice: 151,95 

    The Fiber Composite Lacrosse Handle Defense is made for younger players. The Grit surface allows a good grip, even in difficult weather conditions. The shaft has a concave eight-sided shape and is equipped with an Elite End Cap. The End Cap prevents the shaft from slipping out of the hand…

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    Clubprice: 165,95 

    The Warrior Lacrosse Evo Krypto-Pro Defense Shaft 2023 is a very light handle for defender. The Krypto-Pro alloy is Warrior’s lightest material, which is very strong and durable. The surface has a sandblasted finish and in combination with the control shape, this optimally prevents slippage from the hand. Advantages of…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse wrist guard is an extra protection for your wrist. When playing, the sticks hit your wrist, which can be very painful. With the Wrist Protector from Warrior you can give your wrist extra protection between the glove and the arm guard. The broken pad adds flexibility and…

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    The Warrior Pro Lacrosse Bag X-Large has a large, durable main compartment. The bag is equipped with a mesh cover for good air circulation. You can store your shoes in the mesh pocket provided for this purpose. Advantages of the Warrior Pro Lacrosse Bag X-Large: 101 x 51 x 51…

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    The size of the Disciplinary card FIFA is 10.5 x 7.5 cm / 4,1 inch x 3 inch. The cards are very sturdy and their colors are bright. This makes them stand out directly on the field. Their format fits in standard pockets and planners. The disciplinary cards reliably support…