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    Clubprice: 66,95 

    Because of its octagonal shape, the Dynasty Composite Women’s Lacrosse Handle fits well in the hand. The Composite Material is composed of high-quality Carbon Fibre that delivers high strength at a low weight. As well as that, the shaft has a soft surface coating that prevents the hands from slipping,…

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    Clubprice: 104,95 

    The Maverik Rome Lacrosse Arm Pad convinces with its maximum protection and great fit. The molded cap is attached directly to the sleeve so that the free space between is limited and the cap fits just right. Sweat is quickly wicked away from skin. This keeps you dry and fresh…

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    Clubprice: 81,95 

    Experience a super light handle with the Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Superlight Shaft Gold 2021. The strenght to weight ratio is top notch.This distinguishes the Superlight Shaft as a lightweight, yet powerful shaft. The octagon shape has longer sides, providing a more precise and tightly formed hand position. In addition, the…

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    Clubprice: 85,95 

    The Nike Lunar Elite 3 Women Lacrosse Handle 7/8 to 1 inch fits 10° heads and players looking for a high quality, supportive handle. Head and handle are seamlessly connected by the flared construction. The composite material not only feels comfortable in the hand at any temperature, but is also durable…

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    Clubprice: 94,95 

    The Nike Lunar Select Women Lacrosse Shaft has a light weight and is made of sturdy material. The eight-sided shape provides a good grip in the hand. In addition, the composite material is comfortable to hold even in very hot or cold weather conditions. Advantages of the Nike Lunar Select…

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    Clubprice: 84,95 

    The STX Crux 400 Women Lacrosse Head was inspired by the STX Crux 600 and built for competitive level attacker. Advantages of the STX Crux 400 Women Lacrosse Head: The shape of the head provides a tight fit for the ball and transitions into a wide catching area Pointed scoop…

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    Clubprice: 112,95 

    The StringKing A Series Lacrosse Handle 162 Goalie convinces with the balanced combination of weight, strength and price. The aluminum alloy is high quality processed and strengthens the shaft without pushing the price. The pre-drilled holes allow easier handling of the head. Therefore, no more holes need to be drilled for…

  • 124,95 
    Clubprice: 118,95 

    The Maverik Optik Alloy Complete Stick is the combination of the classic Alloy Shaft and the Optik Maverik Head. Together they provide more accuracy, control and allow faster play. The low-mid pocket and the semi-hard mesh make it easier to release the ball quickly and more precisley. A narrow face…

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    Clubprice: 117,95 

    The Warrior Burn XP-O Lacrosse Head Warp maximizes your shot speed and accuracy. The narrow face shape promotes ball control and ball retention. High heat does not bother the Therma-Loc resin, the stiffness and shape is maintained by the head. Targeted flex zones in the scoop provide even more shooting…

  • 99,95 
    Clubprice: 94,95 

    The STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head Unstrung is made for midfielders on face-off. The Reflex™ material maintains its shape and is very durable. The head is very stiff, perfect for fast and powerful strokes and also force impacts. The Speed Scoop™ allows groundballs to be played faster and more flexibly.…

  • 199,95 
    Clubprice: 189,95 

    STX’s lightest Crux Head is the STX Crux Pro. Equipped with CXP mesh, this head offers great stringing. At elevated temperatures, the head is 25% stiffer than conventional nylon heads, even the cold is no problem. It features minimized sidewalls, making the pocket extra deep. This head hides the top…

  • 124,95 
    Clubprice: 118,95 

    A perfect fit for attackers is the Maverik Optik 3 Head Unstrung, as it allows fast and aggressive shots.Attackers can dominate with this head on faceoffs due to the groundball technology and short throat. The increased offset, dynamic sidewall and special face shape combine to provide high ball control and…

  • 99,95 
    Clubprice: 97,95 

    The Nike Alpha Elite Lacrosse Head Unstrung stands for high quality ball control. With 16 stringing holes is a high pocket possible, which can simplify the ball pickup and increase the control over the ball. The material is not only durable, but also designed for stability and stiffness. In addition,…

  • 179,95 
    Clubprice: 170,95 

    The Nike Performance Mesh Victory Elite Lacrosse Head Strung is a good choice for players who like to play all-round and do not want to limit themselves. Increased ball control is provided by the draw tabs on the back of the scoop. The material of the head is stiff and…

  • 99,95 
    Clubprice: 97,95 

    With the Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Head Unstrung groundballs can be played better, because the shape and material focused on durability, longevity and stability. The design provides all the requirements for a mid to low pocket and a variety of stringing holes. This allows the head to be stringed according…

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    Clubprice: 133,95 

    The Maverik M5 Lacrosse Glove 2023 impresses with its high breathability and freedom of movement. For unlimited player flexibility, the M4 glove features a traditional shpae with extra volume on the fingers and backahdn. The adjustable cluff allows you to set a closed fit for more protection or an open,…

  • 159,95 
    Clubprice: 151,95 

    The Maverik Max Goalie Glove 2022 is a good choice for goaliesand provides an unmatched performance. Thanks to its many technologies, the glove provides the first-class protection without restricting freedom of movement and flexibility. Advantages of the Maverik Max Goalie Glove 2022: manufactured with traditional profile and extra volume in…

  • 209,95 
    Clubprice: 199,95 

    The Warrior Fatboy Goalie Lacrosse Glove offers you enough freedom of movement and great protection. The fit is adjustable so you not only stay mobile and flexible, but also enjoy a high level of comfort. Additional protection on the thumb and the backhand as well as the thick material and…

  • 125,95 
    Clubprice: 119,95 

    The Composite Pro Faceoff from Stringking is the right choice for faceoff shafts. A unique grip provides for the predominant dominance in faceoffs. The player’s power can be shifted forward and downward at the same time, allowing the ball to be hit with more power and speed. The pre-drilled holes…

  • 99,95 
    Clubprice: 96,95 

    The Warrior Lacrosse Evo Krypto-Pro Attack Shaft is a very light handle for attacker. The Krypto-Pro alloy is Warrior’s lightest material, which is very strong and durable. The surface has a sandblasted finish and in combination with the Control shape, this optimally prevents slippage from the hand. Advantages of the…

  • 119,95 
    Clubprice: 113,95 

    Maverik Apollo Lacrosse Attack is a super lightweight metal shaft of the brand Maverik and offers maximum power in shots. The Scandium Titanium material is very strong and durable. The dynamic Wall Taper construction withstands very powerful shots. Awarded with Maverik MILITARY GRADE consistency, the shaft supports the player during…

  • 136,95 
    Clubprice: 129,95 

    A faster and lighter shaft is the Maverik A1 Shaft 2023 – Attack. In all weather conditions provide a good grip, this achieves the shaft trough the GritGrip technology in combination with the Speed Shape. The scandium alloy and thinner wall makes this shaft very light without sacrificing robustness. Heavy…

  • 104,95 
    Clubprice: 99,95 

    The A Series Shaft Attack from Stringking convinces with the balanced combination of weight, strength and price. We offer the A Shaft for Attacker in two weights. The aluminum alloy is high quality processed and strengthens the shaft without pushing the price. The pre-drilled holes allow easier handling of the…

  • 69,95 
    Clubprice: 66,95 

    The Nike Vandal Alloy Handle convinces with the balanced combination of weight, strength and high quality. The concave, octagonal shape provides a first-class grip and increases handling. The shaft lies well in the hand, perfect for shooting the next ball with all your strength into the goal. In addition, the…