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Maverik A1 Shaft 2023 – Attack

Art. Nr.: oML-A1-Attack-300306


A faster and lighter shaft is the Maverik A1 Shaft 2023 – Attack. In all weather conditions provide a good grip, this achieves the shaft trough the GritGrip technology in combination with the Speed Shape. The scandium alloy and thinner wall makes this shaft very light without sacrificing robustness. Heavy force impacts such as strikes this shaft withstands. Additionally, stability is enhanced by the ABE+, Maveriks Adjustable Butt-End. The end piece can be placed according to the player’s needs and includes a silicone insert. These features give the shaft a good handling, make it lightweight and provide more control.

Advantages of the Maverik A1 Shaft 2023 – Attack:

  • GritGrip technology provides strong grip and hold
  • Speed Shape with scandium alloy and thin walls
  • with ABE+, Maveriks Adjustable Butt-End
  • ABE+ with silicone liner for even more stability
  • light, stable and fast shaft

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 76 × 3 × 3 cm
LAX Colour

Black, Forest Green, Silver, White



LAX Material


LAX Shaft Form

Traditional Form

LAX Shaft Grip


LAX Erfahrungslevel


LAX Shaft Endkappe



Attack, Midfield



Types of Lacrosse Shafts/Handles

Aluminium Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse Shafts made from Aluminium alloys have been most-used because of the good strength-to-weight ratios they offer. These sorts of shafts are perfect for lacrosse players of all ages However, due to developments in technology, lighter, more stable shafts are now being used to deliver higher-level performance. Aluminium Alloy Shafts are good for any position, even for goalies. .

Titanium Lacrosse Shafts

“Titanium” lacrosse shafts have a much better strength-to-weight ratio than any standard aluminium alloy shaft. Titanium shafts are known for their outstanding hardness. They are the right choice for lacrosse players who need a durable shaft that can withstand the physicality of the game, but not at the cost of extra weight. For example, the Warrior Titanium Pro Shaft is the number 1 choice for Pro players in the MLL.

Composite Lacrosse Shafts

Composite Lacrosse Shafts are made from high-quality carbon fibre materials that deliver high stability at relatively low weight. Composite Shafts bring your stick unmatched feel and control. No more unnecessary grip tape..

Alloy Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse shafts made of metal alloys are characterised by their excellent grip and low weight. These are the lightest lacrosse shafts and also offer high durability. Many manufacturers now add grip components to their alloys, which bring an enhanced feel to the shaft. Alloy shafts include variations of C405, vanadium and other metal mixes.

Scandium Lacrosse Shafts

Made with the addition of the element scandium, these shafts offer the best ratio of strength and weight in lacrosse. These shafts are suitable for lacrosse players of all positions because of their great grip and durability.

Pocket vs. Head?

With so many great lacrosse heads on the market, the question of what is the best head is often raised. You might as well ask what the best hamburger is. The answer is: the one you like the most. The truth is that most good lacrosse players can play well with almost any head. The real secret is the pocket – that’s the one way you can really personalise your lacrosse head.

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