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Nike Lunar 2 Women Lacrosse Complete Stick Runway

Art. Nr.: oNike-CS-LNR9-CS
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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 130 × 10 × 5 cm



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Improved ball control and finer ball feel is possible with the Nike Lunar 2 Women’s Complete Stick Runway. The developed scoop design facilitates ground ball play and ball pickup. The minimal sidewall construction makes the head light and stable. The strings are tied in an overlapping center string system to tighten ball feel. Additionally, the maximum pinch in the Head provides an increase in ball retention. Players can trust their stick and play with confidence, even while racing. Players take their performance to a new level with the composite grip that allows for faster turning and throwing.

Advantages of the Nike Lunar 2 Women’s Complete Stick Runway:

  • facilitates the ball pick-up and is therefore super suitable for Groundball
  • light, stable head
  • increased ball retention and control due to max. pinch in the head
  • middle stringing system for increased ball feel
  • improved handling due to composite grip

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