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StringKing Mark 2 Women Lacrosse Head Strung Defense M Type 4

Art. Nr.: oSK-ITM-Mark-2-Defense-M4-000

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm



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The StringKing Womens Mark-2 Defense Strung, H, Women’s Type 4 is the right choice for defenders, as the head features a stiff design and a wide face shape engineered for harder checks and better ball control on the ground. For personalization when stringing, the many stringing holes on each side provide. The multitude of stringing holes allow for sheer endless possibilities of customization and fine tuning. The focus is on stability as well as stiffness and more effective shape for playing the ball. The sidewall is more minimalistic and the type 4 mesh is soft. In places where probably the most force is applied, the head is designed with core strength for performance, and less material is used in less stressed areas. Angle of attack is quicker and easier to control as the Scoop is shaped with a focus on defense and groundball dominance. Receive well and pick up groundballs profitably without thinking much about it – that’s what the Mark 2 Defense Strung makes possible.

Advantages of the StringKing Womens Mark-2 Defense Strung, H, Women’s Type 4:

  • very stiff and stable head
  • supports groundballs and defense
  • right choice for defenders
  • 29 stringing holes on each side and soft mesh
  • wide, stable shape
  • angled scoop for groundball dominance

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