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    The STX Team Lacrosse Duffel Bag is perfect for your entire gear. Advantages of the STX Team Lacrosse Duffel Bag: large main compartment for your entire equipment very durable construction ideal ventilation for fast drying

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    The Maverik Monster Gear Bag Lacrosse is the classic bag for old school MAVERIK soldiers that don’t believe in bells and whistles, or band-aids for that matter. Available in every team color, this bag doesn’t mess around. It provides a heavy duty construction with reinforced handles. The Monster Lacrosse Gear…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Blackhole Bag is one of the best selling warrior lacrosse bags. It is long enough to keep your complete stick and extra shafts. After playing you can store your shoes or wet pinnie in the extra compartment. It will keep the smell away. Advantages of the Warrior…

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    With the STX Lacrosse Essential Complete Stick Bag you can easily take 3 sticks to your next training or tournament. For easy packing and taking out the sticks you can open the bag very wide. The bag has two straps for carrying, so you can wear it all over your…

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    The Nike Shield XLarge Duffel offers demanding players a combination of robustness, order and functions that protect their equipment and clothing during transport. In the fight against moisture helps the coated bottom plate. The material is durable and robust to ensure longevity. Shoes find room in an extra shoe compartment…

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    The Challenger 36′ Equipment Bag Lacrosse Black features a sleeve on the outside that can hold multiple sticks. The large main compartment of the Challenger Wheelie Bag was designed to hold all your lacrosse equipment. There is also a small compartment for your accessories. The measurements of this bag are…

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    The STX Bucket Ball Bag is very practical for carrying your lacrosseballs. Advantages of the STX Bucket Ball Bag: can hold up to six-dozen balls durable base as well as construction features heavy-duty zipper measurements: 10" x 17" x 10"