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    The Warrior Lacrosse Regulator Max Warp Pro X-Spec. Head Strung is the ideal lacrosse head for defensive players, because it provides a maximum durability. Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Regulator Max Warp Pro X-Spec. HeadStrung: Ideal for defensive players thanks to maximum durability MAX sidewall design reinforces key areas of…

  • 229,95 
    Clubprice: 214,95 

    The Maverik Kinetik 2.0 Lacrosse Head Strung offers the ideal combination of impact power and precision. It is ideal for players who prefer a powerful game and the perfect companion when the game is on line. The larger face shape increases ball control without putting pressure on the weight. For…

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    The Warrior Burn XP-O Lacrosse Head Warp maximizes your shot speed and accuracy. The narrow face shape promotes ball control and ball retention. High heat does not bother the Therma-Loc resin, the stiffness and shape is maintained by the head. Targeted flex zones in the scoop provide even more shooting…