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    An advanced, high performance mesh is the StringKing Women Type 4 Mesh Kit. The Tri-Twist™ technology allows a better feeling of ball control for faster and more powerful strokes: the yarn is twisted and has increased elasticity and reinforced texture . The mesh type is soft, flexible and stretchable. High…

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    The STX Crux Mesh Pro Women is easy to break in and allows for aconsistent pocket shape. Advantages of the STX Crux Mesh Pro Women: Varied-diamond pattern was designed to provide a defined sweet spot One-piece system enables easy maintenance as well as long-termdurability Easy to breake in for consistent…

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    The Jimalax Venom Runner Mesh is a tapered mesh from Jimalax made specifically for women’s heads. The rough surface and the constant material are optimal for stringing a deep channel. Wind and rain won’t cause any problems due to the water repellent property, so the ball will stay in the…

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    Goalies take note: the Grizzly 1s No Stringing Kit includes an unbeatable lightweight mesh for goalies. The dense weave of the mesh equips the player with more precision, more control and more speed. Catching the ball more and shooting sharper – that’s exactly what the Mesh makes possible. It is…