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    Der Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helm ist die perfekte Kombination aus Komfort, Schutz und führenden Technologien. Eine große Oberfläche zur Aufpralldämpfung am Kiefer und der Verlagerung des Schwerpunktes in die Mitte der Krone erhöhen den Tragekomfort. Dank der SevenTechnology wird die Energie bei Aufprällen seitlich verdrängt, die Innenauskleidung stellt sich innerhalb…

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    The Lacrosse Helmet CPV-R features the R-Series SHELL with FreeFlowTM ventilation, that allows for a level of aggression and speed that has never been seen before. The Chevron Mask with its slight V-shape allows for better downward vision which gives the player an advantage when it come to ground balls.…

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    The Maverik Charger OKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the perfect companion for young players who need the perfect mix of protection, freedom of movement and comfort. With the Comfort Fit Arch function, the fitting can be adjusted to your own needs. Sweat is quickly wicked away, so that a fresh…

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    The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard Lacrosse is areliableMouthguard, which aims at providing protection and comfort. Its made ofvarious materials and really easy to use. Another positive aspect isthat it fits for all ages. With the Multi-Layer ConstructionTMit ensures protection and fit and surpasses other mouthguards. TheExoskeletal Shock FrameTM provides…

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    The SISU Next Gen 1.6 AERO Mouthguard does not only provide an excellent functionality as well as quality but also even more protection than its predecessor model. Advantages of the SISU Next Gen 1.6 AERO Mouthguard: Small/Medium: 1,6mm, Large: 2,0mm recommended for ages 11 and up perfectly suitable for lacrosse…

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    The STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Arm Pad not only provides protection, but is also comfortable to wear. The longer length offers more protection. Due to the hard plastic your elbow is well protected. So that the Arm Pad find again to you, it is equipped with an ID label. Advantages of…

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    The STX Stallion 75 Lacrosse Arm Pad was designed for players who are new to the lacrosse game Advantages of the STX Stallion 75 Lacrosse Arm Pad: Provides large coverage area protection Adjustable straps hold the arm protector in place Hard plastic inserts for extra protection of the elbow and…

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    The Maverik Lacrosse Charger Lacrosse Arm Pad provides an ideal balance of protection, mobility and comfort and are perfect for young beginners. Advantages of the Maverik Lacrosse Charger Lacrosse Arm Pad:/p> design and size adapted for growing players protection of arm and elbow cap age appropriate smooth liner and mesh…

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    The Brine Uprising II Lacrosse Rib Pad Youth Small ensures additional protection as well as comfort without restricting freedom of movement. The multiple breaks increase mobility and provide an incredible fit. Advantages of the Brine Uprising II Lacrosse Rib Pad Youth Small: zusätzlicher Schutz Komfort schränkt Bewegungsfreiheit nicht ein viele…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Menace Rib Pad is equipped with a strong internal plate system that provides great comfort as well as good protection in key areas. The moisture-regulating lining reinforces the comfort and provides a pleasant feeling. The flex points allow unrestricted freedom of movement, so the player can concentrate…

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    The Cascade S Helmet Lacrosse combines threedifferent liner technologies in order to optimally address variable forceimpacts. Advantages of the Cascade S Helmet Lacrosse: Tri-liner system integrates three different liner technologies inSupermonoTM S Shell GEN4 EPP: Manages variable force impact and is located in the front ofthe helmet NV3: High performance…

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    The Maverik Rome Lacrosse Shoulder Pad does not only offer the mostcustomizability but also the whole package with maximum protection,breathability, excellent fit and premium materials. Advantages of the Maverik Rome Lacrosse Shoulder Pad: Protection can be customized due to removable bicep guards, shouldercaps, chest panels and back panels New ANAFORM…

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    The STX Stallion 200+ Shoulder Pad protects you so you can focus on the game. The shoulder pad features an ID label and hard plastic on the shoulder caps as well as an integrated pinnie holder. The biceps pad is modular so it has a comfortable, custom fit.

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    The STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pad protects you so you can focus on the game. The shoulder pad meets the new NOSCAE® standard for chest protection. Advantages of the STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pad: Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection Generous coverage area to protect new players Expanded adjustability for…