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    The Maverik Mission Blank Lacrosse Shaft Attack is the first shaft in lacrosse, which is completely blank without any graphics and solely constructed for functionality. Advantages of the Maverik Lacrosse Mission Blank Lacrosse Attack Shaft: really lightweight shaft completely geared to a high perfomance

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    - 30 % Off
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    The STX 7000 A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack provides a lightweight performance as well as an ideal grip in any condition. Advantages of the STX 7000 A/M Lacrosse Attack Shaft: matte-anodized 7000 series alloy enables light performance for competitive players mild sandblast finish provides ideal grip in any condition standard shaft…

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    The Nike Vandal Alloy Handle convinces with the balanced combination of weight, strength and high quality. The concave, octagonal shape provides a first-class grip and increases handling. The shaft lies well in the hand, perfect for shooting the next ball with all your strength into the goal. In addition, the…

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    The Nike Vapor Elite SC TI Handle gives the player maximum handling. Proven shape and selected angles simplify handling and add grip to the shaft. With a more intense feel for the shaft, it sits well in the hand to avoid slipping when racing or playing. The textured surface also…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Fatboy Evo QX Carbon Shaft is a super light shaft for box lacrosse. The carbon shaft weighs approximately 160 grams, perfect for box lacrosse. With the Tactial Grip, it won’t slip in your hand while playing, so you can fully concentrate on the game. Advantages of the…

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    The Composite 2 Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft 175 from Stringking is the right choice for faceoff shafts. A unique grip provides for the predominant dominance in faceoffs. The player’s power can be shifted forward and downward at the same time, allowing the ball to be hit with more power and…

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    The STX 6000 A/M Lacrosse Shaft Attack is a lightweight shaft for beginners, that helps with a correct placement of your hands. Advantages of the STX 6000 A/M Lacrosse Attack Shaft: matte-anodized 6000 series alloy enables light performance for beginners tonal "Memory Marker" graphics help with placing your hands correctly…

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    The STX FIBER X A/M Composite Shaft offers superior durability and performance. Advantages of the STX FIBER X A/M Composite Shaft: Elite End Cap for a better and more durable alternative to tape Targeted grip zones X-grip profile optimizes finger and thumb placement for excellent control STX Variable Flex technology…

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    The Men’s Metal 3 Pro Attack – 195 from StringKing convinces with the premium alloy and precise, high-quality workmanship. The alloy ensures good shaft at low weight. The shaft is easy to handle and has a minimalist design. The weight and grip are tailored to an attacker’s key desires, helping…

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    The Warrior Evo Krypto Lyte Shaft Lacrosse Attack is a very light handle for attackers. The Krypto-Pro alloy is Warrior’s lightest material, which is very strong and durable. The surface has a sandblasted finish and in combination with the control shape, this optimally prevents slippage from the hand. Advantages of…

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    The STX Z70 OCS Shaft Lacrosse Attack/Midfield Alloy 2023 is a good choice for attackers and middies. The aluminium alloy is lightweight, is durable and offers great handling. The Grit Grip surface coating gives you excellent grip, even in difficult weather conditions. Advantages of the STX Z70 OCS Shaft Lacrosse…