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    The Maverik Charger EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the perfect companion for young players who need the perfect mix of protection, freedom of movement and comfort. With the Comfort Fit Arch function, the fitting can be adjusted to your own needs. Sweat is quickly wicked away, so that a fresh…

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    The Maverik Rome Lacrosse Shoulder Pad does not only offer the mostcustomizability but also the whole package with maximum protection,breathability, excellent fit and premium materials. Advantages of the Maverik Rome Lacrosse Shoulder Pad: Protection can be customized due to removable bicep guards, shouldercaps, chest panels and back panels New ANAFORM…

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    The STX Stallion 200+ Shoulder Pad protects you so you can focus on the game. The shoulder pad features an ID label and hard plastic on the shoulder caps as well as an integrated pinnie holder. The biceps pad is modular so it has a comfortable, custom fit.

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    The STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pad protects you so you can focus on the game. The shoulder pad meets the new NOSCAE® standard for chest protection. Advantages of the STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pad: Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection Generous coverage area to protect new players Expanded adjustability for…