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    With its eight-sided shape, the Brine Lacrosse 6065 Alloy Women Shaft fits comfortably in the hand. The Alloy material impresses with its lightness. In addition, the soft surface prevents the hands from slipping, so that the shaft does not slip out of the hand. Advantages of the Brine 6065 Alloy…

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    The Brine Edge Pro+ Women Lacrosse Head Strung is equipped with Therma-Lock+, so the head remains stiff even at high temperatures and hard impacts. The raised sides of the head allow the ball to roll through the narrow channel directly into the sweet spot – ready for a quick release.…

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    The Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick was designed for those who are new to lacrosse. Advantages of the Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick: For beginners Designed to facilitate the development of essential skills in ground ball pick ups, passing, and catching Designated cut line for shorter legal length…

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    The Maverik Ascent + complete stick is a reliable, stable complete stick. Accurate and fast shooting is possible and easy due the 22° degree angle. The XRAIL technology increases the stiffnes of the head. The shaft lies well in the hand due to the soft grip finish. It comes with…

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    The StringKing Women’s Legend, Strung, M, Type 4 is the right choice for players who want to develop their performance to a new level. At only 117 grams, the head has a light weight and a stiff design thanks to the durable material. The special shape guarantees harder checks and…

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    The Women’s Mark 2 Offense Strung stands for high quality ball control that is sure to assist the player in her performance. The Mark 2 Offense Strung can be trusted by the player to make fast, strong throws when ball control is needed without rebounding. The sidewall is designed higher…

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    The Maverik Ascent + Strung convinces with a construction for groundballs and pre-strung mesh. The consistent channel guides the ball to the sweet spot, thus enabling a fast and uncomplicated release. The many stringing holes offer many possibilities for individualization to string the head to your own needs. Dominant ball…

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    The STX Nova Women Head Prec. Pkt. Strung is not onlyreally stiff but also lightweight and therefore an excellent choice fordefensive players. Advantages of the STX Lacrosse Nova Women Head Prec. Pkt. Strung: sidewall design decreases weight without sacrificing durability STX Forward CantTM places ball in sweet spot for quickerrelease…

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    The STX Lotus Head Strung has an aggressive and streamlinedshape as well as a lightweight sidewall design, so it provides more accuracyand an excellent ball feel. Advantages of the STX Lacrosse Lotus Head Strung: excellent ball feel and more accuracy because of aggressive,streamlined shape and lightweight sidewall design low sidewall…

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    STX’s lightest Crux Head is the Crux Pro Women Lacrosse Head Lock Pocket. Equipped with the Lock Pocket, this head offers great stringing. At elevated temperatures, the Head is 25% stiffer than traditional nylon Heads, and the cold is no problem either. It features minimized sidewalls, making the Pocket extra…

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    The STX Crux Pro Women Lacrosse Complete Stick Lock Pocket has a very light Crux Head and a Comp Handle. Due to the soft, ruery surface, the shaft lies well in the hand. Thanks to the special material the head keeps its shape even in hot temperatures under strong checks.…

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    The deBeer Lacrosse Airflow Composite Lacrosse Shaft is a light and small composite shaft with an octagonal shape and a special grip. The air holes in lower division of the shaft improve control and help to transport moisture. The Air Flow is made of carbon/fiberglass. Advantages of the deBeer Lacrosse…

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    Players can count on the Brine Lacrosse Edge Carbon Lacrosse Shaft becauce this shaft is lightweight and very powerful. With its soft coat and octagonal shape, the handle is suitable for fast movements and shots. This allows you to hold the shaft securely, wether you are racing or shooting fast.…

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    The deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse Shaft 12/13 is 32 inches long and weighs 165g. It provides a full size ICE profile and is made of 7050 aluminium. This lacrosse handle feels soft with texture and the available colors are green, yellow and pink. Advantages of the deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse…

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    The STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle is perfect for experienced players. Advantages of the STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle: Lightweight, low-profile composite with targeted strength in high-impact zones Integrated Shaft Lock ™ reduces head rattle 7/8 "handle flares to 1", allowing for a seamless head-to-handle connection Molded end…

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    The Brine Dynasty Warp Next Frauen Complete Stick Alloy is equipped with a long channel that leads the ball directly to the sweet spot. This allows for quick throwing and catching, so you can focus on the game. The alloy material of the shaft is lightweight and strong, so it…

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    The STX Exult Pro Lacrosse Head Strung Proform is a true all-rounder. Provided with many details, the head offers excellent ball control. The scoop protects the top string and simplifies playing groundballs. In addition, the minimized sides allow for fine ball rotation. Advantages of the STX Exult Pro Lacrosse Head…

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    The STX Crux 400 Women Lacrosse Shaft provides an ideal performance in allweather conditions. Advantages of the STX Crux 400 Women Lacrosse Shaft: Constant FlexTM profile allows for additional snap onpasses and shots Thinner diameter (7/8") for fast and easy handling 1" flare enables direct head-to-handle connection and makes an…

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    Because of its octagonal shape, the Dynasty Composite Women’s Lacrosse Handle fits well in the hand. The Composite Material is composed of high-quality Carbon Fibre that delivers high strength at a low weight. As well as that, the shaft has a soft surface coating that prevents the hands from slipping,…

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    The StringKing Starter Women’s Lacrosse Stick Legend Type W is a great choice for beginning players. The stable shaft and stringed head offer a ready-made lacrosse stick for beginners. It features light weight, good grip and medium-deep pocket that make learning lacrosse easy. Advantages of the StringKing Starter Women’s Lacrosse…