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    The Nike Victory Elite Lacrosse Head Unstrung is a good choice for players who like to play all-round and do not want to limit themselves. Increased ball control is provided by the draw tabs on the back of the scoop. The material of the head is stiff and stable to…

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    The STX Lacrosse Water Bottle with Long Straw is not only verypractical but also perfect for goalies and youth players. Advantages of the STX Lacrosse Water Bottle with Long Straw: features long straw bottle is easy to squeeze helmet does not have to be removed to drink perfect for goalies…

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    The Brine Sports Headband 3-Pack contains 3 headbands, that are equipped with a gel print gripper, that prevents the headband from slipping. Advantages of the Brine Sports Headband 3-Pack: 3 headbands per pack gel print gripper prevents headband from slipping

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    The Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick was designed for those who are new to lacrosse. Advantages of the Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick: For beginners Designed to facilitate the development of essential skills in ground ball pick ups, passing, and catching Designated cut line for shorter legal length…

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    The STX Lacrosse End Cap 2-Pack 1 inch contains two STX Lacrosse End Caps. Advantages of the STX Lacrosse End Cap 2-Pack 1 inch: two STX Lacrosse End Caps for 1 inch / 2,54 cm shafts from STX

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    The Brine OPTIMUM Textured Women Lacrosse Shaft is super lightweight composite construction. Comes in three state of the art colours: Carolina Blue, Purple, Orange Features from the Brine OPTIMUM Textured Women Lacrosse Shaft: Textured composite with comfort-grip finish provides unmatched grip during poor weather conditions Super-light composite technology provides high…

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    The deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse Shaft 12/13 is 32 inches long and weighs 165g. It provides a full size ICE profile and is made of 7050 aluminium. This lacrosse handle feels soft with texture and the available colors are green, yellow and pink. Advantages of the deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse…

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    The Brine Warp Pro Minimus Women Lacrosse Handle is not only the lightest handle of the line but does also provide a high durability. Advantages of the Brine Warp Pro Minimus Women Lacrosse Handle: Lightest handle of the line Provides high durability Octagonal shape Mid-diameter

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    The STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle is perfect for experienced players. Advantages of the STX Crux Woman Lacrosse Pro Handle: Lightweight, low-profile composite with targeted strength in high-impact zones Integrated Shaft Lock ™ reduces head rattle 7/8 "handle flares to 1", allowing for a seamless head-to-handle connection Molded end…

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    The Brine Dynasty Warp Next Frauen Complete Stick Alloy is equipped with a long channel that leads the ball directly to the sweet spot. This allows for quick throwing and catching, so you can focus on the game. The alloy material of the shaft is lightweight and strong, so it…

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    The STX Exult Pro Lacrosse Head Strung Proform is a true all-rounder. Provided with many details, the head offers excellent ball control. The scoop protects the top string and simplifies playing groundballs. In addition, the minimized sides allow for fine ball rotation. Advantages of the STX Exult Pro Lacrosse Head…

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    The StringKing Starter Women’s Lacrosse Stick Legend Type W is a great choice for beginning players. The stable shaft and stringed head offer a ready-made lacrosse stick for beginners. It features light weight, good grip and medium-deep pocket that make learning lacrosse easy. Advantages of the StringKing Starter Women’s Lacrosse…

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    The Womens End Cap Deluxe 7/8′ Lacrosse assorted 36pcs pack consists of 36 STX lacrosse end caps. Advantages of the Womens End Cap Deluxe 7/8′ Lacrosse assorted 36pcs pack: 36 STX lacrosse end caps

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    The STX Focus XS-S Goggle was specially designed for all lax girls. Advantages of the SSTX Focus XS-S Goggle: Designed for superior visibility Form-fitting silicone padding easy to clean Does not absorb sweat or fluids, thus minimizing slipping on the skin