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Mueller Sports Medicine Tape is particularly light on the skin and is also easy to use. It has excellent adhesive strength. Easy to apply

The tape provides support when playing and is ideal for stabilising joints during sport activities such as lacrosse. The tape does a great job because it attaches firmly to any body part.

The tape on the roll is 3.8cm wide x 9.1m long.

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Choose your own style

Choose your new favourite Captain Lax End Cap from a variety of colours. The shape and size of Captain Lax End Caps has been engineered for perfect stick control and leverage, allowing you to make the optimal pass or shot.

Captain Lax End Caps are approximately 4 cm long and have a diameter of either 2.22 cm or 2.54 cm, making them ideal for any 7/8″ or 1” shaft.

2,45 € 0,95 – 1,45 €

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Colourful End Caps

STX end caps are a lightweight, durable alternative to tape. With their colourful look, you give your stick a personal touch. STX Women’s End Cap Deluxe pack contains 36 Endcaps in 7/8”.

70,95 € 59,95 €

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Coaches & Refs

Do you coach a team or do you referee or umpire lacrosse matches? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is where you will find the right Coaching and Referee or Umpire equipment to help you succeed!


Lacrosse End Caps & Tape
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Giving your stick an individual touch is the way to go in Lacrosse. Many players add tape to the shaft of their stick to improve grip, give better ball control and enhance feel. Taping can be particularly helpful in cradling, but it can also improve stick control and passing precision. Another way to tune your stick is to add a high performance end cap to the end of the Shaft . Here we offer you a selection of different colours, so that you can match or contrast the other colours of your stick. What are you waiting for? Browse in our Online shop and find the accessories you need.

End Caps in various shapes and sizes

Just as it is with other sorts of lacrosse equipment, end caps come in different sizes too. On the one hand, end caps differ in size depending on whether you play with a men’s or women’s stick, and on the other hand because of the various shaft shapes that are available on the market today. For example, some shafts are 7/8″ wide (particularly in women’s lacrosse) and other shafts for men and women have a diameter of 1″ (one inch). That’s exactly why we offer a range of different sizes and shapes in our online shop, helping everyone find the right end cap for their Lacrosse Stick.

Tapes are available for different purposes and in various colours

It’s not just end caps that come in different shapes and sizes – tape does too. One of the leading brands for tape is Müller Sports – the company specialises in tape and other medical accessories. Whether you are looking for colour or tape strength, here is where you will find all of the possible options you need to give you the results you want. If you have any questions whilst you are shopping, feel free to contact us by phone, contact form or by email. The contact form and our other contact details can be found here.