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    The Shock Doctor Gel Max Youth Lacrosse Mouthguard is areliableMouthguard, which aims at providing protection and comfort. Its madeofvarious materials and really easy to use. Another positive aspect isthat itfits for all ages. With the Multi-Layer ConstructionTMit ensures protection and fit and surpasses other mouthguards.TheExoskeletal Shock FrameTM provides protectionfrom impacts…

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    The Mueller Sports Medicine Tape is very lightweight. It is characterized by the excellent adhesive strength. After simply unrolling from the roll, it is easy to put on. The tape supports performance, it is optimal for stabilization while playing lacrosse or even other sports actvities. The functions of the tape…

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    The Warrior End Cap Lacrosse Men shines through the special color and the Warrior logo. Show everyone on the field which brand you stand for! You can attach the Warrior End Cap Lacrosse Men to the end of your stick for even more hand control.

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    The Captain-Lax Men End Cap Pink on which has the Captain-Lax Monkey immortalized, arrived. Choose your own style!!!

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    The STX Exult 200 Backpack Pack is ideal for a lacrosse player who goes for the first time to the lacrosse training Advantages of the STX Exult 200 Backpack Pack: Ideal Complete Stick, google and backpack set for the first-time player Exult 200 Stick features a Crux mesh pocket for…

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    Finally the Captain Lax silicone wristbands have arrived. They belong to every wrist. Choose your own style!!!

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    The Captain-LAX Big Carved Wristband – LACROSSE is an excellent lacrosse accessory with a “LACROSSE” lettering and the typical Captain-LAX monkey head.

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    The Brine Sports Headband 3-Pack contains 3 headbands, that are equipped with a gel print gripper, that prevents the headband from slipping. Advantages of the Brine Sports Headband 3-Pack: 3 headbands per pack gel print gripper prevents headband from slipping

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    A very comfortable Butt End. Allows you better handling and extra easy groundball pick ups. Comes in different colours.

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    CHICK WITH STICK – the coolest Captain-Lax Lacrosse sticker for all our customers who love lacrosse and want to show it to everyone. The Captain-Lax Lacrosse Sticker Chick with Stick not only looks stylish, it is also an absolute eye-catcher.

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    The Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick was designed for those who are new to lacrosse. Advantages of the Maverik Twist Lacrosse Women Complete Stick: For beginners Designed to facilitate the development of essential skills in ground ball pick ups, passing, and catching Designated cut line for shorter legal length…

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    The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard Lacrosse is areliableMouthguard, which aims at providing protection and comfort. Its made ofvarious materials and really easy to use. Another positive aspect isthat it fits for all ages. With the Multi-Layer ConstructionTMit ensures protection and fit and surpasses other mouthguards. TheExoskeletal Shock FrameTM provides…

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    The deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse Shaft 12/13 is 32 inches long and weighs 165g. It provides a full size ICE profile and is made of 7050 aluminium. This lacrosse handle feels soft with texture and the available colors are green, yellow and pink. Advantages of the deBeer Demise Frauen Lacrosse…

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    The Brine Women’s Lacrosse TXP Pocket Stringing Piece is a synthetic two runner pocket, that is also equipped with loop taps at the top in order to provide excellent string protection. Advantages of the Brine Women’s Lacrosse TXP Pocket Stringing Piece: synthetic two runner pocket equipped with loop taps for excellent…

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    The Brine Womens TXP II Pocket Stringing Kit contains a synthetic two-runner pocket and is available in many different colors. Advantages of the Brine Womens TXP II Pocket Stringing Kit: synthetic two-runner pocket “X” lacing pattern for excellent pocket formation available in many different colors

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    The Jimalax Traditional Leather is ideal for traditional stringing of plastic or wooden lacrosse heads. Pockets can be tied without mesh with this leader. The length is optimal for attackers and defenders heads. The genuine leather is 24 " long and is available in a variety of vibrant colors. The…

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    The Jimalax Hero Strings Kit white contains all the strings you need for your head. Due to the weatherproof fibers, the strings perform even under extreme weather conditions. The strings are not only weatherproof, but also abrasion resistant and durable. Due to the texture of the strings, knots remain tight…

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    The Gold class offers the best protection, comfort and retention available in a self-fit mouthguard. Two materials provide the best safity for your teeth:A tough outer shell and a soft lining with 21 self-forming fins for perfect customized fitting. The Original Oproshield are CE certified and come with a dental…

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    The STX Women Runway Pocket – Stringing Piece is a unique as well as overlapping center string, that features two flexible center runners, which provide an ideal hold of the ball. Advantages of the STX Women Runway Pocket – Stringing Piece: unique and overlapping center string flexible center runners provide…

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    The Warrior Bliss Lacrosse Glove belongs to the lightest and most comfortable gloves on the whole market. The breathable neoprene construction wicks sweat away perfectly and the scratched Nash leather on the palm help with the 19 air vents for cool and dry hands. The cool and dry system allows…

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    The Cascade Poly Arc Titanium Women Lacrosse Goggle is equipped with a poly frame made of polycarbonate, which fits perfectly to your face shape, reduces weight and increases the durabilty of the lacrosse goggle. The antimicrobial foam wicks moisture away in order to provide the perfect comfort. With the silicone…

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    The STX Fortress 100 – Mesh Lacrosse Complete Stick improves the performance of lacrosse beginners. Advantages of the STX Fortress 100 – Mesh Lacrosse Complete Stick: Mesh Pocket provides a soft and easy feel when throwing and catching The simplified pocket structure requires minimal maintenance and improved longevity Crux Mesh…