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    The STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Starter Attack Complete Stick is perfect for beginners, as it makes catching easier and allows for an ideal ball control. Advantages of the STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Starter Attack CompleteStick: inspired by elite head Stallion U 550 equipped with new STX 6000 series alloy handle…

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    For players with standard level of play, the Alpha LT a/m Complete Stick 6000 Alloy is suitable. The design has a focus on durability, so the complete stick will stand by players long & faithfully. The pocket makes it easier to receive the ball on the ground due to the…

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    The Brine Triumph Head X-Spec. Lacrosse Unstrung White provides the reinforced CORE-TECHTM sidewall, which is the backbone of the strength of the Triumph. The wider shape of its face allows for more picks as well as breakaways. The scoop is flatter to enable easy ground ball pick ups while you…

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    The STX Shield 100 Lacrosse Goalie Head Unstrung White is an ideal choice for beginners. Advantages of the STX Shield 100 Lacrosse Goalie Head Unstrung White: solid as well as dependable design

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    The STX 6000 Lacrosse Defense Shaft is perfect for players on an entry-level. Advantages of the STX 6000 Lacrosse Defense Shaft: matte-anodized 6000 series alloy enables light performance for beginners features smooth, non-slip finish standard shaft of the Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick

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    Ideal to have fun and freely develop your own skills is the Maverik Juice Mini Stick-2023. This stick is great for training in the garden or on the beach, with firends or family. Designed to be beginner-friendly and convinces with durable, good quality material. Throwing, running, catching – all this…

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    Perfect for training and getting to know lacrosse is the STX StxBall stick. The Complete Stick made of plastic is sturdy and stable. The pocket is deep. This 36"/91,44 cm long Stick is the right choice for beginners and training sessions.

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    The STX Stallion 200 lacrosse stick is equipped with an offensive head. Balls can be caught and played more easily no matter what type of player you are. The mesh is soft and ready strung. The stick can be used directly to keep control of the ball and focus on…

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    The Brine Dynasty 2 Lacrosse Schäger Strung convinces with its fast release and shooting accuracy. Due to the TruOffset shape, Scoop and Throat are high, so that the ball is guided directly into the sweet spot and control is increased. This guarantees fast shooting and high precision. The angled Scoop…

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Krown LTE Ice Hockey / Box Lacrosse Helmet gives you superior 360 degree protection. Focusing on optimal fit, comfort and protection, this helmet gives you customization, density foam protection and impact resistant and comfortable foam line. Advantages of the Warrior Lacrosse Krown LTE Ice Hockey / Box…

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    The Maverik Charger EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the perfect companion for young players who need the perfect mix of protection, freedom of movement and comfort. Advantages of the Maverik Charger EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad: New external heart protection (ECG) meets the NOSCAE standard and helps protect against commotio cordis…

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    Der STX CRUX 100 Frauen Lacrosse Schläger Mesh Pocket verbessert die Leistung eines Lacrosse Beginners Vorteile des STXCRUX 100 Frauen Lacrosse Schläger Mesh Pocket: Mesh Pocket ermöglicht ein leichtes Feeling beim Werfen und Fangen Vereinfachte Pocket Struktur braucht wenig Wartung und eine längere Lebensdauer Crux Mesh mit Dry Mesh Lite™…

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    The STX Fortress 100 – Mesh Lacrosse Complete Stick improves the performance of lacrosse beginners. Advantages of the STX Fortress 100 – Mesh Lacrosse Complete Stick: Mesh Pocket provides a soft and easy feel when throwing and catching The simplified pocket structure requires minimal maintenance and improved longevity Crux Mesh…

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    The popular STX Lacrosse Eclipse Head is now a mini version. It is a must have for little and young hearted Lacrosse players.

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    The STX Mini Power Lacrosse Complete Stick with Ball is perfect for playing in the backyard and with friends. Advantages of the STX Mini Power Lacrosse Complete Stick with Ball: Mini Power head features mesh pocket durable aluminum handle comes with a soft foam mini ball

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    The Warrior Lacrosse Evo Shoulder Pad protects your upper body from heavy force impacts. The targeted insertion of the pads allows you a wide range of motion and comfort. The pad protecting your sternum is compression molded, reducing the overall weight of the shoulder pad and providing greater protection. Sternum…

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    The STX 4Sight Plus S Lacrosse Women Goggle is equipped with a silicone paddingand does also provide an optimal visibility. Advantages of the STX 4Sight+ S Lacrosse Women Goggle: Oval wire design for excellent visibility Form-fitting silicone padding does not absorb moisture or sweat and iseasy to clean Meets ASTM…

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    The Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse Arm Pad offers maximum protection as well as an excellent wearing comfort. Advantages of the Brine Clutch Elite Lacrosse Arm Pad: new, longer five-piece Grid Flex+ construction für maximized comfort and flexible fit Ventilator Fresh Sleeve offers soft wearing comfort and prevents odor development Aeroshield…

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    The Nike Vapor Lacrosse Arm Pads offers not only protection but also freedom of movement and modern design. In order not to restrict the player’s range of motion, the padding is strategically inserted and offers stretch zones for extra flexibility. The compression points ensures first-class breathability and comfortable support. Sweat…

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    The STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pad protects you so you can focus on the game. The shoulder pad meets the new NOSCAE® standard for chest protection. Advantages of the STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pad: Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection Generous coverage area to protect new players Expanded adjustability for…

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    The Brine Lacrosse Dynasty Composite Shaft convinces with its grip and light material. The composite material has excellen stability despite its light weight. The soft surface and the classic octagonal shape offer a natural feeling in the hand. Fast strokes or powerful throwing are therefore no problem. Resistant to all…

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    The Warrior Burn Next Stick is suitable for all young beginners. Due to the stable material and good handling, various lacrosse techniques can be learned more easily and skills can be developed well. Also, the narrower semi-soft stringed mesh makes it easier to practice and play. Advantages of the Warrior…

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    The Warrior Sublime Lacrosse Glove is made of multiple 5 mm thick neoprene pads. The extra soft pads help to protect the fingers and the back of the hand. The scratched Nash leather on the palm keeps your hands cool and dry due to 14 air vents and provides perfect…

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    The STX Mini Eclipse Complete Stick Lacrosse Strung Goalie is equipped with a small Eclipse Head. The mesh is soft. The shaft is 48″ short with a traditional profile. Advantages of the STX Mini Eclipse Complete Stick Lacrosse Strung Goalie: 48″/121.92 cm short with Mini Eclipse Head soft mesh traditional…