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Lacrosse Heads

With the huge selection on, it is sometimes not easy to find the right lacrosse head The stiffness, width of the head and weight are important aspects to consider when purchasing a lacrosse head. In the following we have briefly summarized the most important characteristics of a lacrosse head.

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Heads Men

Men's Heads

Due to their usually flatter for men’s lacrosse Sidewalls they enable good ball handling and a wide pocket. Men’s heads are usually equipped with a softer, more modern mesh. The heads are equipped with a mesh or stringing equipped and are located at the upper end of the embroidery. They are the central point for catching, holding and shooting balls.

Women's Heads

Stringed heads for women in lacrosse are usually equipped with a traditional, rigid and firm mesh or a hybrid mesh. The hybrid mesh, which is both fine and rigid, creates a good feel for the ball between the pocket and the head. Women’s heads are designed with a certain geometry so that the ball stays in the pocket when running and catching and the ball is shot precisely when shooting.

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Head sticks

For what reason should
I pinch my head?

Pinching helps you shape your lacrosse head in such a way that it becomes more difficult for opposing players to take the lacrosse ball from you. In addition, narrower lacrosse heads ensure that the ball lies better in the pocket. But don’t forget – catching is much more difficult with a pinched head. You should also know the limit, because if you pinch your lacrosse head too much, it will eventually become illegal. Don’t overdo it! You should also note that if you have pinned your lacrosse head, the warranty will be void.

How do I string mine
Lacrosse Head himself?

That’s easy! Simply click on your preferred pocket style and follow the instructions….:



With so many great lacrosse heads on the market, the question of what is the best head is often raised. You might as well ask what the best hamburger is. The answer is: the one you like the most. The truth is that most good lacrosse players can play well with almost any head. The secret is the pocket, the personal, individual aspect of the sport of lacrosse, so to speak.

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Produktguide Strings & Meshes Soft/Hardmesh

When did I use
soft and when
hard mesh?

It always depends on your personal preferences. Your soft mesh is much faster to break in than a real hard mesh. The soft mesh also has advantages when cradling and catching. It feels like you have better control. On the other hand, the hard mesh scores points in terms of durability. Here it has a clear advantage. The Hard Mesh also makes passes and shots much faster. Since the ball falls out more easily with hard mesh, a soft mesh can be recommended for beginners.

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mesh vs.
traditional strings?

The advantages of mesh over traditional pockets are easy to explain: the vast majority of stick stringers can string or repair a mesh pocket faster than a traditional. The reason, in addition to what has already been mentioned, is that hard mesh offers many of the advantages of a traditional pocket (e.g. a consistent pocket) without the maintenance disadvantage associated with traditional pockets. Hard mesh pockets break in faster and are not as vulnerable to the weather. When the leather in the pocket gets wet it stretches and expands, when it dries it becomes stiff and tight. Soft mesh is suitable for beginners, but also expands quickly with hard passes from advanced players. However, many experienced players swear by their Traditional Pockets because the stringing possibilities in Traditional Pockets are virtually unlimited.

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How do I string mine
Lacrosse Head himself?

That’s easy! Simply click on your preferred pocket style and follow the instructions….:

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How many

We offer Hard (or Dura, or Stiff…all the same) mesh in all colors and variations. A pocket with fewer diamonds in the mesh can be brought in faster. More diamonds mean more grip. But like most questions about lacrosse, what matters here is what brings you confidence and success.

What is Whip?

Players of all ages have been using this term for years. And there are a variety of descriptions for it. We would describe it like this: How the ball feels when it leaves the pocket. More importantly how it feels as it rolls over the shooting strings and exits the pocket. You can tell when the lacrosse ball leaves your head. The lacrosse ball should not touch the plastic tip of the head when passing or shooting. However, it should not fly out of the pocket in such a way that the player does not feel the moment the lacrosse ball leaves the pocket. Saying a stick has too much whip means that the lacrosse ball is caught too much on the shooting strings and passes and shots are going too low. Too little whip means the shooting strings aren’t having enough impact on the lacrosse ball, causing passes and shots to come up too high. In order to find the perfect whip for you personally, you have to “screw” the shooting strings.

bring what
the shooting thongs?

Hockey or shoelaces are now the most used shooting strings by most players. Synthetic fibers work best because they absorb less water than cotton fibers. Shooting strings are key to a consistently good pass and can be adjusted to get that perfect feel for that moment when the ball leaves the head.

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Produktguide Strings & Meshes V Pockets

What are
“V Pockets”?

V-Pockets are made from hockey tape because they lie particularly flat. The V determines where the lacrosse ball lies in the pocket (deep in the pocket or higher in the shooting string area). However, the lacrosse ball should not be obstructed. Some lacrosse players like them, some don’t.

Features a coaxial composite

The STX Memory Mesh 10D features a proprietary dual-fibre coaxial composite weave. The Coaxial Composite WeaveTM is a tough material that withstands repeated impacts and sidewall abrasion.

It is also UV resistant and moisture repellent. Its unique core has up to 15 times the tensile strength of steel, allowing Memory MeshTM to retain its shape better and longer than other Meshes on the market.
Mesh STX


Lacrosse Shafts made from Aluminium alloys have been most-used because of the good strength-to-weight ratios they offer. These sorts of shafts are perfect for lacrosse players of all ages Due to the new technological developments, however, lighter and more stable lacrosse shafts are now being used at a higher level. Aluminium Alloy Shafts are good for any position, even for goalies. .

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Lacrosse Shafts

Titanium lacrosse shafts have a much better hardness to weight ratio than any aluminum shaft available. Lacrosse titanium shafts are very popular mainly because of their outstanding hardness. They are the right choice for lacrosse players who need a durable shaft that can withstand the physical rigors of the game without adding weight. The Warrior Titan Pro Shaft, for example, is the number one choice for Major League Lacrosse professionals.

Lacrosse Shafts

Composite Lacrosse Shafts are made from high-quality carbon fibre materials that deliver high stability at relatively low weight. Lacrosse composite shafts offer unmatched stick feel and control. Because lacrosse composite shafts are mostly rubberized (covered with a non-slip rubber-like coating), grip tape is no longer necessary.

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"The Hyperlite has zero flex and is very stiff so i can be more accurate with my shot."


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Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse shafts made of metal alloys are particularly characterized by their unsurpassed grip and their low weight. These are the lightest lacrosse shafts and also offer high durability. Many manufacturers now add a so-called built-in grip to their alloys, which allows a unique feeling on the lacrosse stick. Alloy shafts include variations of C405, vanadium and other mixed metals.

Strong alloy

The StringKing Women’s Metal 3 Pro impresses with its premium alloy and precise, high-quality workmanship. The alloy ensures a longer service life and a low, balanced weight. The shaft is easy to handle and has a minimalist design.